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dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean


Re: dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

In my experience, when I had my scans and biopsies done, they booked an appointment then for me to go back for the results. I doubt they'll say anything over the phone. It'll be a case of giving you a date and time to come in.

Honestly, you're going through the hardest part right now. Knowing is better than not knowing, whatever the outcome. You'll feel a sense of relief, whatever the result. xxx

Re: dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

Thank you I have phoned the helpline now and they were so good x

Re: dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

Thank you so much for your reply I am still trying to plod along on my own but I think that I might go crazy if I dont talk with someone soon. I did call the helpline and they advised me to contact my gp and ask for sleeping tablets just to get me through the week which I did I did have a really good night sleep after but when I woke it hit me again I am feeling sick and struggling to eat, which is not me I normally turn to food  ut I just feel sick at the thouthout of it. I feel like I have a sign above me saying she has a secret its really silly.  Do they tell you much on the phone when your results come back or just that they are back and give an appointment. Xx

Re: dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

Hi jay,

You really are going through the mill at the moment, and my biggest recommendation to you is to confide in someone else. Your husband is away, so he can't be with you. I would strongly advise you to talk to someone else who you feel comfortable with, and explain what's going on. You'll be surprised at how strong others can be when you need them to be.

My situation was very similar to yours, only I was 45 and my youngest was 10 at the time. So I can relate completely to what you're going through. I have three kids and I opted to tell the older ones. My eldest (a girl) is very pragmatic and coped really well. Her attitude was "well, let's not worry until we know". My son was a bit more worried and just wanted to talk to me everyday to make sure I was ok.

Jay, I have to be really honest here. If they have said it doesn't look good, you need to prepare for the worst. I know it's easy for me to say this, but the waiting is far worse than the finding out. When I was diagnosed, it was almost a relief just to know what was going on. You then get some control back, especially from a mental perspective.

Please think about talking to someone. I would also say that you should take someone with you when you go for your results, as it is a testing time and you may find it hard to take everything/anything in, whether the news is good or bad.

Feel free to message me if you want to talk privately. You sound exactly like I was twelve months ago.

Another thing I feel I must say is that, even if it is cancer, life does get back to normal eventually. I really hope it isn't cancer for you. Please keep us updated and always come on here whenever you want a shoulder, or a good old rant.

Love and best wishes, Mel. xx

Re: dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

Hi Jay1971


It sounds like you're having a pretty tough time at the moment.  I'm sure some of the other users will be a long soon to offer you their support and understanding.  In the mean time you might find it helps to talk things through with a member of staff on the helpline.  Here you share your thoughts and concerns with someone who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

dr said it doesnt look good what does that mean

Went to the breast care appointment yesterday expecting to be told I had a cyst as before but thats not what happened, I had my mammogram that was so painfull on the breast with the lump then I went for an examination a scan then a core byopsy the nurse was so kind and careing the one doing the scan and byopsy was nice but didnt realy tell me anything but the Dr said it was deep and it didnt look good but I had come as soon as I noticed it so that helps, got to wait till a week tomorrow for results but Iam so worried by what the Dr said I think they know what it is but just needs to confirm, only my husband knows I cant tell my daughters or my parents because I dont want to put them through this I already have rhumadoid arthritis, and  am on a lot of medication but I am only 43 my youngest is 17 my husband works away and we cant afford for him to have time off so I am on  my own and realy feeling sorry for myself and am in lots of pain from the byopsy yesterday..