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dry mouth and dental health


Re: dry mouth and dental health

I've had dry mouth for a long time, since pre BC days, because of other medication. I use Biotene oral balance gel at night as that's what bothers me most and it seems to be keeping my teeth in reasonable condition as I've just had recent checkup. Biotene do have other products, toothpaste, mouthwash etc, and think you should be able to get on prescription. Hope this helps.


Re: dry mouth and dental health

Hi All, I finished my chemo (6xfec) in April 2011 and still have a dry mouth and eyes. Also taste buds have not got back to normal. I used to be a chocaholic and now it tastes vile along with all other sugar foods.


Re: dry mouth and dental health

Hi All
I've had a very dry mouth since my chemo (fec x 6) started and i'm now 12/25 through rads but i was hoping it would improve after rads finished. I had a check-up with my dentist on Monday as i was concerned about my teeth but he says they aren't too bad. I have been putting a lot of effort into dental hygiene - i brush at least 4 times a day and floss frequently. I can't see memanaging to sustain that when I go back to work at the end of the month.

I also had to pay a massive amount for a teeth guard when chemo c ommenced because i started clenching my teeth in my sleep and was biting the inside of my cheek. How come things like that (and eye checks) are not available free of charge for bc people?



Re: dry mouth and dental health

Hi all, I've not had chemo, but am on tamoxifen (since nov 2010) and I have a constant thirst and dry mouth, am worried sick about next visit to the dentist as it must be affecting my teeth
:( when I mentioned this SE to onc (well, registrar) she said she'd never heard of anyone with a thirst, felt like I was making it up!

Take care all x


Re: dry mouth and dental health

I am nearly 8 years post diagnosis, had 5 years tamoxifen now on Femara, have beeen on it for 2 1/4 years. About 6 months after starting Femara started getting really dry mouth, very sore and burns. Thought it could be Femara, jury out on that one,Gp has tried everything and it is getting worse. Had a break of 6/8 weeks from Femara, slight improvement but GP thinks that 6/8 weeks isn't really long enough. Anyway after about 20 months of blood tests, antibiotics, thrush treatment etc no better so today I have got an appointment for 4 weeks time to go to a Oral and maxillofacial clinic to try to sort things out. On looking into burning mouth and dry mouth I think it can be caused by various things including medications but also Vit B deficiencies.

I do go to a NHS dentist regularly and had have problems in the past but I can say that I am not overly confident in the ability of my dentist is there was a problem.

Not really much help but very interested to hear of someone else who is having problems with a dry mouth.Hopefully my appointment at the end of the month might help, have you been to a Oral and maxillofacial clinic?



Re: dry mouth and dental health

Hi Evertonsue,
I have only finished my chemo in may 11 and rads july 11 but I too suffer from a dry mouth and I have a constant thirst but I thought it was a se that would disappear in a wee while. I didn't realise that it could maybe last much longer. I'm sure that others suffer from this too.Did your dentist suggest anything for you to do in the meantime? I have not been to my dentist for a check up yet.
Lizz xx


dry mouth and dental health

hi everyone
I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2002 and used this site daily whilst I was having treatment and found it a great support.
I had a WLE then 4 cycles of adriamycin and 4 cycles of CMF,followed by 25 radiotherapy sessions and 5 boosters.
9 years on and I am fine and enjoying life, I have learnt to live with the long term effects of treatment: 1 of them being a dry mouth, I never did get my saliva glands back and have to chew to stimulate saliva.
I now find I am in need of dental implants( not the usual implants talked about on this site!) My dentist says this is a direct result of chemo. I have written to the PCT to ask for funding as I could not afford them otherwise.(I am awaiting a reply) Dental implants are available on the NHS for head and neck cancers but not for long term effects.
Does anyone else suffer with a dry mouth, poor dental health, or am I just odd??