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exercise post surgery

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Re: exercise post surgery

Hi Jintyb

I amd 37 and was diagnosed in Dec and have had chemo and a lumpectomy and ANC two weeks ago. Like you I have always been fairly fit . Throughout the chemo I tried to walk as much as possible, usually three to four miles , two , three times a week in the third week of each cycle, with shorter walks in between when possible. Following surgery I have this week started to walk each day, approx three, four miles. But can't wait for the radiotherapy to be over so I can start swimming again. Also want to start training in the summer for the Birmingham half marathon in October . It isn't always easy to get up and get going, but I feel 200% better afterwards. Now off for a walk.

Take Care

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Re: exercise post surgery

Hi Jintyb
I had a mastectomy and recon in March and my cosmetic consultant basically said no lifting/carrying but do go for walks as and when you feel up to it, saw him 2 weeks after surgery and he was impressed with how much I was already doing, only a mile or two per day but he said that would help with recovery but to listen to my body and rest when it said to. I have done this throughout the last 6 weeks so have had a lot more sleep than I would normally do but feel fine. I am now on chemo but still walking most days as I hate being cooped up!
Good luck with the recovery - listen to your body and do the BCC exercises as per the timetable(and your body allowing!) as they are the main ones to ensure you don't lose movement in your arm/shoulder but I'd go for short walks to start with and build up to longer so you can listen to your body daily........

Re: exercise post surgery

Hi Maryland, thanks so much for taking the time to post. You gave me a lot of reassurance! I can relate to what you said about control of your body. I think thats the bottom line for me as I feel my body's not your own after months of poking, prodding and the onslaught of all the drugs. I am so happy to be through a lot of it that I just want to get on with things and get some normality back, Prior to being diagnosed I had worked hard to lose @ 3 stones and while not a fitness junkie, I was enjoying exercise for the first time in years. Then this hit me! The last thing I want is to get to the end of treatment and be overweight and unhealthy again. I love walking and Im really missing it as it helps to calm my head as well as getting some fresh air. Thanks again for your kind wishes - you really helped. 🙂
I will look out for the BCC excercise DVD this month - sounds good!

Re: exercise post surgery

Hi.....my treatment was different to yours....surgery (WLE, ANC), chemo then rads last Feb to Aug. Not in any way, shape or form a fitness 'addict', but like you I wanted to retain a level of fitness (control?!), plus exercise is proven to help reduce symptoms of fatigue and fresh air is just plain good for you especially when the sun is shining 🙂 A week after surgery I went for a daily 30 minute walk and walked as often as I could during chemo (I worked throughout, so hard some days.....just a stroll round the block was all I could manage or 5 very slow minutes on treadmill!). 4 days after rads finished we went on a 10 day walking holiday....mostly at my pace, but I can honestly say I felt fine walking up to 6 miles a day.....plenty of rest between helped! Started swimming during lunchtime (pool in school where I work) for 3 x 20 mins a week since September. have kept this up and I can honestly say my strength and stamina has improved and side effects of chemo and dodgy veins from cannulas have improved immensely. I guess all anyone should do is what works for them......listen to your body, take things at your pace....know when to stop :). I have also tried some meditation and reiki which has gone some way to improving my patience levels hehe.......The exercises recommended by BCC post surgery were brilliant.....hard work at first but keeping them up for several weeks really helps. Hope this helps in a small way, and best wishes for results day....take care x

Re: exercise post surgery

Hi Jinty

In addition to the support and shared experiences you will soon have here I am posting a couple of links to the BCC exercise information packs and DVD (new edition due for release in May) which you may find useful:




Take care


exercise post surgery

Hi there
I am new here and Im hoping for some advice.I was dagnosed w BC in Nov 2012. I hav had 3 Fec and 3 Tax. Had surgery last wk ( WLE & axillary node sampling) I get the results on Monday.
Throughout my chemo i tried to stay as active as poss, walking lots and even managing the odd zumba class. I am still a bit sore and bruised but was hoping to go walking in the next day or two. However my GP said no - i need to rest and take it easy for another week.
Can anyone advise on this based on experience. i really want to get back to some level of fitness but im scared of overdoing it
Also can anyone recommend types of exercise that are particularly helpful or dvds that are any good.
am so relieved to be where i am re treatment Its a long road but i am very positive but not very patient!