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fatigue and feeling ill


Re: fatigue and feeling ill

I had a delayed LD flap three year after original mx. I was very tired for four months afterwards. I assumed it was the anaesthetic still in my system. Four months after the op I suddenly started feeling like myself again.


Re: fatigue and feeling ill

Hi Bunnies
I had a delayed trap at the end of june last year and fatigue is still an issue for me. I went back to work 3 months aftr the op and was very busy right from the start, which didnt help. I havnt been ill, but have put lots of weight on and am constantly tired.
I think we are not good at 'recovery time' these days and there is an interesting bit in the mail today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2120773/Convalescing-These-days-rush-normal-life-illness--...

I didnt have chemo/rads either just mx and tamoxifen, but I took nearly 6 months off then and was all the better for it. Recovery after a series of ops/anaesthesia and all that goes with it shouldnt be underestimated, so maybe take time off if you can and rest up and hopefully youll get healthier and stronger

Take care
Cathie xx


Re: fatigue and feeling ill

Can't offer any advice as haven't had reconstruction, but just wanted to send you a hug and bump up your thread.

Take care, and hugs

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fatigue and feeling ill

just wondered if anyone who has been through this surgery has been troubled with fatigue and illness as I have 3 months down the line? Went back to work after 3 months (4 months since first op which was the lumpectomy) but am now off ill again as seem to have picked up a bug. Feel very low, tired and upset that I've had to stay off work again as hoped to get back to normal asap. Have I taken things too quickly - perhaps I wasn't ready after 3 months to return to work. Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar. I have not had chemo or radiotherapy - had ld flap reconstruction a month after lumpectomy as the DCIS not fully removed in first op.