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feeling exhausted


Re: feeling exhausted

Hi lynne, totally understand tiredness, can you put s sign on the door with visiting hours or get a good friend to run point so you dont have to see everyone all the time?  The brave face is really draining. Hugs

I turned the ringtone off on my cell phone as it was really insistant and sent out a group text saying I was told to rest a lot and I would get back to them once I was up.

The not sleeping really wears you out too. Xxx can you try some sleeping tablets,  my bcn pointed out we heal/feel better with sleep.  Although I have to admit I still only got 4 hours on zopiclone.  

Sorry you have to go back in to surgery,  im not sure what your results mean. Did they not clear your margins, but your lymph nodes were ok maybe?

Sending love




Re: feeling exhausted

Hi Lynne, big hugs to you, it is such a emotional draining time for us all so don't be so hard on yourself. Can I ask why you have to have further surgery? Its lovely to have support from everyone but like you say it is very tiring, do you have anyone that can take over the phonecalls, texts for you? My husband has been answering the phone and relaying news and just saying that I am resting until I feel up to talking to anyone. It is tiring going over things with everyone and as much as your grateful for the support you do need to take care of yourself also xxx
Not sure if this explains vascular invasion to you ...Vascular or lymphatic system invasion happens when breast cancer cells break into the blood vessels or lymph channels. This increases the risk of the cancer traveling outside the breast or coming back in the future. Doctors can recommend treatments to help reduce this risk.

Your pathology report will say “present” if there is evidence of vascular or lymphatic system invasion. If there is no invasion, your report will say “absent.” Lymphatic invasion is different from lymph node involvement. The lymph channels and lymph nodes are part of the same system, but they are looked at and reported separately

I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight xxx

feeling exhausted

Hi everyone, 

I had my first surgery on 24th dec 14 and now going back in this weds. I have had numerous hospital appointments and lots of visitors and loads of texts and telephone calls from friends and work colleagues, but all of this has left me exhausted. I have to be up early tomorrow morning as I have to have the radioactive dye put in me. The hospital where this takes place is miles away and takes ages to get there n back. Then up even earlier on Wednesday as have to be in the hospital by 7.30am. Im feeling low, probably because im so tired but I struggle to get to sleep at night which is so annoying. I actually cant wait for the anesthetic! At least I can sleep for the day. Its lovely to see all my friends but im running out of energy. Im also worried about the results of the lymph nodes. My lab report said no vascular invasion (does this mean the cancer hasnt gone into my veins)?. I have been coping really well but not doing too good today. Thanks for reading this, I hope I haven't bored you all, love lynne xxx