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feeling really wobbly


Re: feeling really wobbly

I agree with Ladybowler, this is the best place to get if off your chest.


I am sending telepathic hugs to you and hoping  this bad spell soon passes.😘

Re: feeling really wobbly



Well this is the best place as it is lovely to be able to get things off your chest without having to worry, we all understand even if it is not the particular bc that we have, we are all there for you xxxx

Re: feeling really wobbly

thanks folks. Helena, I did post on the genetic board last year when I was diagnosed but its a rare condition so noone really replied - it does seem to be a quieter board than several of the others in general.

Sally Ann, at the moment I'm worried about most things (in an anxious spell just now) - because of the risk level of the condition I have the docs are more than happy to remove my left breast but have said its up to me to decide. I had a lot of time off work last year and so won't get any more sick leave for a while, some of the time I just want to ignore it all, some of the time I just want to get it over and done with. It doesn't help that BC is just one of the cancers I have increased risk for - my BC team have been fantastic but the hosptial dealing with the other stuff (or more acurately not dealing with it) have been rubbish so far which also doesn't help my anxiety.

I know there's no straight forward / easy answer, just wanted to get it off my chest a bit. Thanks for reading xx

Re: feeling really wobbly

Hi Lizred,


Sorry to hear you are having a bad time.  I only finished treatment in November and due my first mammogram in October so have no wise words of experience.


I don't blame you for having a wobble, it is a stressful time, even before I was diagnosed I used to get stressed (my Mum died of breast cancer 32yrs ago).  I always reassured myself that if something is wrong better to find out so the experts can sort it out.


What are you worried about most?  Is it the thought of having to go through all the treatment again or that they will say you don't need to have the other breast removed and you will be constantly worried you will get cancer? 


I don't think there are any answers just a case of taking each day at a time.  Remember three things:-


1. You are strong and WILL get through what ever life throws at you

2. You have loads of people routing for you (me included)

3. This too will pass


Sending hugs and love

Sally 😘😘


Re: feeling really wobbly



There is really nothing much I can say I think that will be of help but I just wanted to acknowledge your post and


There is a genes and breast cancer thread on here I wonder if that might be worth posting on that


sending you a hug xxx

feeling really wobbly

Hi Folks

not really sure where to post this but I've been having a major wobble the last couple of weeks - its a year since I was diagnosed, had my annual mammogram on tues and am now waiting for appt with my consultant to discuss possibility of (sort of) preventative mx on left side due to genetic condition - that is, assuming the mammo doesn't show anything worrying in which case its coming off whatever! None of this is news, I've known about the genetic condition since last Sept, but I'm really struggling at the moment and feel like I'm teetering on the brink of losing it. Any wise (or even unwise) words would be most appreciated from you lovely people xx