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finished chemo still on her herceptin


Re: finished chemo still on her ceptin

Hi, I still feel tired and I stopped Herceptin in middle of August this year.  Feel that the whole treatment package especially when it is a Her2 cancer is tiring for everyone.  On the whole I am improving and can last most night up until 11pm.  During treatment I only managed 10pm at the latest even if there were people visiting.  Still keep on getting your treatment in the knowledge that it is the best thing for you.  Have a lot of rest periods and look after yourself.  Take care ~Anne


finished chemo still on her herceptin

hi all i finished chemo in august this year. still got 8 herceptins left . i was just wondering if anyone else is struggling with tiredness and headaches with herceptin ? i start off ok first thing then come early afternoon i am so tired and have no energy . im struggling with headaches at the mo too . just got told i have high blood pressure and have been put on tablets for this xx