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Re: first post

Hi RevCat,


It was myself and I will contact you on FB.


Same here, not missed a day of work and hoping that continues until the dreaded op when I will reluctantly need time off!


Will need to brush up on my abbreviations for the BCC forum 🙂


Bloods and MRI tomorrow, feel like a pin cushion!


Thanks for replying

Re: first post

Hi Jules, it may be you who has tried to contact me/us via facebook on our GABBies public page (not sure but if not please do!).  There are lots of us in Glasgow and Ayrshire (and the central belt in general) and lots of good information to share which we can't on here because, rightly, we aren't allowed to name doctors, surgeons or hospitals.


I had FEC-T but was Her2-.  I found T easier than FEC, but both were OK (I'm one of those evil people who worked all through their treamtent!).  I had mx and immediate LD recon in Glasgow, later had symmetry op and recently nipple recon and tattooing.


If you need more info on our FB group or stuff that can't be opsoted here, please PM me - I'm here having failed to fade away times without number!!



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first post

Hi reader,


Been reading posts for a bit and thought it was time I wrote something.


Diagnosed with Her2+ in August, told I would need a mastectomy after 6 rounds of chemo.


Im half way through my chemo, 3 FEC down and about to start the T part and herceptin on Friday, felt ok so far and wondered if anyone felt different with the T or herceptin part?


Have an appointment with plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks to discuss my options for reconstruction so very confused?


Anyone in the Glasgow area with similar experiences?