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Re: first post

Hello Edwina and welcome from another newbie. You don't sound at all pathetic just worried which is only natural. Can you ring your bcn who will be able to give you some advice? LD x

Re: first post

Hi edwina. You dont sound pathetic at all! I canonly echo what lynne says in contacting your bcn nurse. I get to see my onc every 4 weeks so sympathise with you on thar score. Its awful to have to wait so long when you are worried. Hopefully this will be a blip and down to scar tissue or something other than sbc. Fingers crossed you get this sorted quickly.
Carol x

Re: first post

Hello Edwina. Sorry that you have to be here but it's good that you posted...lots of support here. I don't post very often but receive a lot of support when I do.....and also find just reading the posts help.
I have been diagnosed for two years now and like you am on letrozole. (along with Zometa infusion every 4 weeks and Adcal - are you on either of these?)
Is the underarm pain in the side where you have had your nodes removed. I had lymoh nodes removed from Right side and also a 'tidy up' op in Sept to reduce a 'dog ear'
I Have had odd sensations in my underarm area ranging from tightness to pain and aching. I spoke to BCN who said that there will be scar tissue there which can cause this sort of thing - even though it is also numb.....do you have a BCN you can ring and speak to if you can't see ONC? Is it your primary arm....she mentioned that could also be a factor

You do not sound at all pathetic and no one will think so........everyone will be pleased that you posted your question, and will be supportive - even if they don't have the same symptoms

Re: first post

Hi Edwina64


Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, where I am sure you will get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.


To help you along I have put for you below links to some of BCC's publications and support services which I hope you find helpful.








I hope the above links help.  Take care,


Jo, Moderator



first post

 Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Diagnosed 1 year ago bc with bone mets.on letrozel and have been doing ok but now getting underarm pain and feeling worried. Can't see onc for 4 weeks any one else experiencing this kind of pain? I get aches with letrozole but this feels like a burning, sore sensation. Sorry sound a bit pathetic!