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get my WLE results 7th of may


Re: get my WLE results 7th of may

Hi Angel, good to hear you are recovering well. I can sympathise with the pain you have been getting. I have been cut around the top of my aerola too. The surgeon said I may lose sensitivity in my nipple area but bloody hell its the complete opposite at the moment! Only have two steristripd left on now and they are covering the actual 'wound'. Bit of a baby to take them off.  I see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon for the results and the BC nurse said they would remove any remaining ones then, so I'm not worried.

This week has seemed to go so slowly. My husband had a dream last night that we we're climbing Everest and we were nearly at the top but then had to rest and set up camp and couldn't quite make it to the top just yet.

Just hoping that tomorrow we can start heading back down the mountain!

Take care xxpb

Re: get my WLE results 7th of may

Hi Angel


Glad you are doing ok.  Your  WLE sounds similar to mine, mine was next to the nipple but I had sentinel node biopsy as well.   Thankfully my nodes were clear and my lump was 9mm so also a similar size.

I start radiotherapy on 13th May.

Yes countdown to results is nasty, try to rest and occupy your mind as much as you can but I know how difficult it is.


Jaye x

Re: get my WLE results 7th of may

thankyou angie55 . my lump was 7mm and as far as i know no nodes was taking out x

Re: get my WLE results 7th of may

Hi Angel
Nice to know you are doing ok after you op. I was very lucky no chemo. I had a 8mm Grade 3 cancer. In total it was 13mm with clear margins. My nodes were clear. Like a lots of ladies 5 years of Anastrozole and 15 sessions of Radiotherapy which I have now completed.
Hope it goes well on the 7th I will be thinking about you. Please let us know how you get on.
Take Care
Angie. X

get my WLE results 7th of may

hi all . im still recovering after my WLE and its been 9 days now . i have still got a bit of pains the top of my boob near my arm and all around my areola they have cut all one side of it (soo painful ) 😞 . its count down to my result appointment and oncologist appointment .i have my fingers crossed i wont need chemo as thats one thing i have always said since i found out i have BC ..but if i do have it then so be it .. i actually feel like my journey has begun and im on to the next step on the 7th of may . hope you are all doing ok before your operations and after ..this forum has really helped me and also reading what every one else has wrote has given me the will power to stay strong xx