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good news...stable

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good news...stable

I had a CT scan yesterday and my onc rang me tonight with results. There's no change since my last scan in December which means that either the gemcarbo has kept the tumours in my chest wall etc stable or that my strangely behaving trip neg probably not basal cancer is continuing to behave joyously unpredictably...ie. better than expected.

I am taking a chemo break rather than go for what is probably my last standard chemo...weekly taxol...next appointment in a couple of months unless I experience other symptoms.

I am just over the moon. I feel weepingly privileged...still no major organ spread. am just savouring the moment. I was diagnosed in in Oct 2003 after misdiagnosis 7 months earlier...I had an awful prognosis. I was never expected to get this far and I have....I think I've been lucky..its certainly not been my attitude!