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got test results still waiting for more.

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Re: got test results still waiting for more.

I remember who could forget a name like yours.lol!

Yeah my BCN is lovely she phoned me today to tell me about my appointment next week at 10 to find out what type of op i'm having and my pre op..

I'll keep in touch and you do too..

love franx


Re: got test results still waiting for more.

hi leeds 39 - spoke with you other day on your thread if you recall.

glad that your treatment plan is starting to get underway. i am sure you will start to feel a little better when things get moving. its good you have spoken with BCN and she is nice - i have found mine really nice also and she has been a great help. please do speak with her about any issues or questions you have.

take one day a time and you will ok.

please do keep in touch and lots of hugs

TTM xxx

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got test results still waiting for more.

Hello everyone,
Well I went yesterday and got my confirmation of bc but having lump op first but still waiting to find out about lymph node inv. If they are then they will come out with lump. Hopefully that will be it then chemo and rad. They said because I'm young,39, they have to throw everything at me. So that's what they will do will be a long road but I'll get there.
Told my son last night who was really good but hasn't been sleeping well and told the headteacher today who will talk to him today! Was ok till I told him and the tears came but still its all positive. Haven't told my youngest who is 3 as she doesn't understand!
So told everyone now , its still a bit surreal but that's natural. Spoke to my bcn who is really lovely.
Thanks for all support I'm sure I'll be back for more chats.
Love fran xx