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Re: hello

Hi bud932,
Welcome to the forums where i know you will gets lots of help and support from all the ladies here.
I think although we get lots of support from husbands, familys and friends ,noone can truely understands what its like to be DX with BC and how very scarey it all is , that is why this site is so brilliant because all the ladies here understand what you are going through and can help and support you .
I think husbands deal with our DX in different ways, mine was great with everything when i was DX and right through every treatment, but now my treatment has finished apart from the Tamoxifen , he thinks its all over and time to move on and doest want to talk about it anymore. Umm its not that easy for us.
I was Dx July 07 and had WLE ,Chemo and Rads. Try not to worry too much about the Rads as i found them a walk in the park .I had my Rads planning done with a Ct scan and 3 small tattoos were done at the same time 1 each side of my chest and 1 in the middle, they are hardly noticeable and very small .I had 23 sessions of Radiation 15 whole breast and 8 boosters to the tumour site, once you are in position on the table it only takes a few minutes each session and is tottaly painless you just need to keep as still as possible.My skin held up well and only started getting a bit red and peely towards the end (bit like sunburn)but dont worry about that as they will give you cream to moisturise the area.
It is hard to believe it has happened to us i know, when i was DX i felt perfectly well and everything seemed so very sureal and to be honest still does. The best advice i can give you is to just take one step at a time and try to not look to far ahead ,i found it easier to deal with everything in small chunks. Dont read too much on the internet as it can be frightning and not always accurate. Come on here and chat when you want to there will always be someone here who understands and will help if they can, even if you just want to shout and rant, there is a light at the end of all this and you will get there i promise.
Please let me know how you get on and if you would like to chat or if i can help more please feel free to email me.
All the very best ,



Just want to say hello.

I'm new to the forum and joined as I would like to chat with those who have fouund themselves in the same unfortunate postion as my self.Although my hubby friends and family really supportive they just dont understand how I feel at times and how sccared I have been.
My husband wont talk about it at all as thats his way of dealing with everything.I had surgery ih January oncoplasty procedure with node clearance. I knew nodes were positive pre surgery. Also had a reduction of left breast at same time. Slowly recovering. Rad treatment starting end of march but go this week for my mapping scan. Just dont know what to expect. Just cant believe it happened to me and how my whole life turned upside down. Now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Just interested in other peoples thoughts and feelings and how cope.