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hi..new here x


Re: hi..new here x

Hi Kimjessnella

Welcome to the forum - I only joined the forum today and was just recently diagnosed yesterday.

Similar to you, I felt the lump and it did feel a little different. Over the years, I've had 2 lumps on my right breast but after a scan, they were fine. My doc referred me for a scan which happened the week after. At the scan, I was booked in there and then to see the consultant for the following week.

Even when the consultant took the byopsy, we were still both certain that it would be ok. Unfortunately, I have a grade 3 cancer but with the help of people in this forum, I'm getting there.

I can't comment on what you are feeling as far as the tenderness in concerned, but once you've had your scan, you will feel a little better.

Keep us upated and good luck
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hi..new here x

Hi all
I am new here and found this site when looking for information.
I saw my doctor yesterday after having a strange feeling in my right breast for a few months but with a hectic life (my dad died 8 weeks ago and I got married almost 2 weeks ago) I did not think much about it but during our honeymoon I noticed my breast was feeling odder and started to feel hot a number of times.
I mentioned it to my hubby who said he thought it felt a little different.
I took myself off to the doctor who after examining me decided i need to have a scan as the effected breast does feel lumpier and a little different.
I went to the doctor expecting to be told it was fine not expecting an immidaite referal for a scan.
There is not a specfic lump as such it just feels as I did when pregnant but only in one breast and tender under the armpit.
Can breast cancer feel like this?