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im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

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Re: im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

Thank you for your comments. I am trying to fight of this paranoia. I am a medical professional which doesn't help as I no to much. It's that reason that's making me feel scared. I never got the lump checked before as I always assumed it was nothing. ie, constantly feeling pains now, around my breast, over my chest wall. I can feel some nodule like bumps everywhere on that side, especially worse over the top of my breast. The most strangest of things is I still can't feel that lump anymore, why? Where has it gone? What's happened? Questions I cant answer and look to you all for your guidance as I know a lot of you have gone through this. I can't even think about my next day at the moment and what's really hard is i have only spoken to my partner and my best friend about this. I have a 7 year old child who relies on me for every thing. I am 36 years old and I can't ever remember being more afraid than I am now. The hardest part is not knowing. Everything tells me it's Cancer and the more I itch, feel my lumps and pains it reconfirms my worst fears.
I only saw the dr on Friday so I still have a while to wait. What's more worrying is that Easter is coming up and because its a long 4 day break no hospital appointments will be made.

thank you again.


Re: im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

i have to agree with maggie, paranoia seems to kick in for every little ache and pain. its hard not do it, but try not to guess at everything because it will drive you mental, i know it did me.
now the ball is rolling it wont be long before you know what is happening, if it helps, make a list of all the things you want answers to and take it with you to your appointments.
good luck, let us know how you are.
angie x

Re: im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

Hi there, you say the lump has been there 2 years, has it been checked by your GP before or this the first time?
Unfortunately, as soon as we notice something we feel every pain and twitch and assume its cancer...and the pains are it spreading and we have it in our bones too!
Evey emotion you are feeling is normal and fear is the worst.... Normal guidelines you should have appointment within 2 weeks, please chase up if you haven't had letter by next week.
We have all been where you are now....and you feel totally useless.
Its probably nothing, and if it is you are going to get it sorted.. Once you have a care plan in place it becomes easier, but here's hoping that it will be nothing to fret about.
Keep us updated of your results, and use this site for any niggles or worries you might have.....
Take care
Maggie x

Re: im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

Hi Lazybird999

Welcome to the discussion forums, I'm sure you'll find them a great source of support and information.

Whilst you are waiting for others to respond, if you feel it would help to discuss how you are feeling, do call the Helpline. They're open today until 2pm and weekdays 9-5. 0808 800 6000.

They are great listeners and can direct you to other sources of information and support too.

Kind regards.

Louise, Facilitator

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im worried I have breast cancer and that it has spread

I am so scared at the moment as I visited the doctor yesterday to examine a lump in breast that I have had for almost 2 years. The strange thing is over the past fortnight or longer I can’t really feel this lump as much anymore, yet the area it was in feels very different, less dense and lumpy. We can still feel something there which feels different to before. I the main reason I went to see the doctor was because I have been having lots of pains on my chest wall and under my right armpit. It feels lumpy over my ribs and I can feel all my lymph nodes, whereas I can not feel the same on the left side. The other scary thing is that the Doctor also found another lump in the left breast which is about 2cm in length. I have felt it no to and it feels huge and very hard. I am really worried that I have left this to late. I am getting pains in my lower abdo and back (something I have seen the doctor about for 3 times in the last year), they always said it was IBS. Ive had bowel problems all my life, I know the difference. So now I am worried it has spread. Does this sound like a bad prognosis? I can’t eat, I feel sick. Its on my mind all the time and I don’t know how long I have to wait until I see someone in the breast clinic. Please help me L