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Sue H-S
Community Champion

Re: information

Hi Elu,

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed, At what stage of the process are you and what knowledge do you have so far of your condition? You actually say you are a breast cancer patient.....so have you started any conventional treatment yet?

Any non standard approved treatments can only ever be seen as complimentary, possibly supporting, rather than the actual treatments, which help us to beat and prevent return of our cancer in the future.

What are your specific concerns, about following a possibly challenging, but well proven path to recovery? 

I have been diagnosed in late January and am now going through the process of getting better, I am not a medical person and have a very open mind - so, if you let me - I shall do my best to understand and help you through this process.  


So - these are the facts as to those supplements

Liquid chlorophyll - Published 01/12/2012: Chlorophyll can help prevent cancer - but study raises other questions CORVALLIS, Ore. – A recent study at Oregon State University found that the chlorophyll in green vegetables offers protection against cancer when tested against the modest carcinogen exposure levels most likely to be found in the environment.

However, chlorophyll actually increases the number of tumors at very high carcinogen exposure levels.

Unfortunately I cannot find anything on gandema based coffee, apart from an general article on coffe - and you might want to read by following the link - again this is an older article - and clearly demonstrates that it is not a cure. http://coffeeandhealth.org/topic-overview/coffee-consumption-and-breast-ovary-and-endometrial-cancer...







I am 31 female breast cancer patient. Can combination of liquid chlorophyll, shake-off and gandema based coffee cure me.