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inverted nipple


Re: inverted nipple

Hi there Roland and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you will find here, our helpliners are on hand 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays with further practical and emotional support for you and your Mum, please call 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC


inverted nipple

Hi everyone


My mum noticed she had an inverted nipple the other day she's 67 - she was born with one but the other one has just appeared. knowing it was a classic symptom she went to the GP who gave her a physical exam under her arms and her breasts etc.


He said he couldn't feel anything else so told her to come back again in 3 months. The GP was a bit irrated at the time of seeing her as she said on the phone when booking an apointment that she wanted to be seen sooner that the usual week wait, and when she arrived he said "it's hardly an emergency is it", her reply was that it was to her as she was very worried.


With cancer being the way it is and time being of the essence when it comes to treatment - i lost my dad to it a couple of years ago. Is this normal to be told to come back to see him in 3 months or should she have had further tests? she had her last mamogram in january which was clear.


It would be great if someone could offer any advice?


Thanks in advance