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laser therapy!!


Re: laser therapy!!

Thanks folks!

I'm going to try and find more about it, possibly speak to my bcn (though haven't spoken to her for a while!) I'm really unsure, so maybe that means I'm not ready yet, elinda thanks for taking the time to find that info out, thanks for bumping it up norberte, andie maybe your having a similar procedure, although looking at the bumf I've been given its called riancorp ltu-904 laser .

I will let you know if I decide for or against!

take care all, crazy cat x


Re: laser therapy!!

Hi Gang

Every month or so I see a qualified MLD practioner(SP?) for the LD of my arm and breast. She uses a machine which I believe is called a Hivamat as well as doing MLD. I understand it creates an electrostatic field which activates the lymphatic system to move things along. Before she used it on me she told me about it so I could look into it for myself. I always find that after a session I can see and feel a definate inprovement. The technology is German and it has been around for a little while



Re: laser therapy!!

Have heard about it, there was an article in Lymphline, the Autumn 2010 newsletter of the lymphodema support network - its written by Professor in Lymphology and Director Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic in Australia, Prof Neil B Piller.
It says it works best on fibrotic tissue. It says it has been used on over 10,000 patients in Australia with a good success rate but it does say it is dependent on choosing patients who are the most suitable.

I think if I were you I'd be asking to know about the research evidence to support the treatment. A quick search has come up with the following:




I've not seen anything about having it on the boob itself - I would definitely want research evidence to support that and its safety. You could also contact the Prof via e-mail. Here's a link with his e-mail address:


You could also try the 'ask the nurse' e-mail on BCC website. They have some nurses extremely knowledgable on lymphodema. Don't rush into anything you're not entirely happy with. Elinda x


Re: laser therapy!!

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laser therapy!!

Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice, I was dx with lymphoedema of the breast in April this year after my rads finished Dec 2010, I have been doing sld daily and have tried 4 weeks of kinesio taping, none of this treatment has helped my boob is still swollen - ok, its not really bad, but is uncomfortable and can be quite noticeable . Went to LD nurse on Friday and she has suggested I have laser therapy on my boob it is a low level laser but needs to build up so if I go for this I will need quite a lot of appointments - which means a lot of time off work! I went home and read the info, which says it shouldn't be used on an active cancer site - as far as I am aware I don't have an active site! But it is still a worry, I was told the only SE's are a tingly feeling.

have any of you lovely lot had this treatment - and did it work? Is it worth me taking lots of time off work if it won't make a difference?

thanking you all in advance x