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liver cancer?


Re: liver cancer?

I have just had a very similar thing happen to me, three weeks ago an ultrasound found two very small rounded area on my liver, I had breast cancer followed by bilateral mastectomies 3 years ago. Anyway basically was absolutely terrified. Because I had had the ultrasound carried out because of bowel problems they wanted to eliminate any bowel cancer first (also family history of bowel cancer as well), so they did barium enema on bowels, which was fine. Then had some bloods, liver function and tumour markers were fine, although I know sometimes these can be a bit of a red herring. However, finally had MRI last Tuesday, got results on Thursday and it was absolutely fine. I have got a cyst and a hemangioma which are harmless, but because of my bc history obviously I was terrified. The initial ultrasound scan said "metastases cannot be excluded", so basically I have gone from ringing the NHS pension scheme to find out what my family's entitlements would be if anything happened to me (work for the NHS), to feeling on top of the world. My breast care nurse told me before I got my final results that in fact there are a few things that can sometimes show up on the liver that are not necessarily cancer. It is an awful time waiting to find out though. My GP had to prescribe Diazepam, was so shocked the first week it happened.



Re: liver cancer?

Hi Lynn

I think the only advice I can give you is to try and keep an open mind until you know for definite what the spots on your liver are. If they turn out to be suspicious then I know a lot of us here can give you information and support.

I don't really want to give you any information at the moment because until you really know what it is I don't know whether it's a good idea to go down that road. If you want to talk to someone in the meantime I'm sure the helpline of BCC would be the best option to you. Sorry I can't be of more help but also don't want to worry you even more on something that might not be cancer.

Good luck and hope that it turns out to be okay.



liver cancer?

hi have just had my ct results back and i have a few spots on my liver, anyone else had these and is it cancer? im waiting for a ultrascan to confirm the diognosis as they dont know what they are.after having breast cancer and getting through the last two years ik back down to rock bottom again,i was hoping to return to work but havnt been able to because of lymphodemia. i must say ive had a nbit of pain in my back but had the ct scan because of breast pain!! anyway will keep you informed as to the results but if anyone else can give me some advise on what they had id be very pleased thanks lynn x