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lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!


Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Grin and bare it REALLY she hasn't had CANCER then WOW

All I can say if u have a good day relish it as soon there's another bad one. It's a nitemare. Off work at the min can't even go in had a meltdown in work. Manager wanting me to do a new job for a few days. Me with my memory and cognitive dysfunction and side effects from chemo and medication. Good look for them as it entailed being with public. Sweats and can't speak without getting words wrong. Oh yes trying to remember new paperwork etc. the young ones say yes u will be fine. WAKE UP. Get ur brain in gear before u say such stupid incentive things.

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!


I hope your mammogram went well.

i saw my oncologist last week, he couldn't really offer any advice as to how I was feeling.

i said I am just learning to talk to myself - he did confirm that it is often the psychology of what we have been through and reminded me there is a counsellor i can see if ever I need to. 

He said unfortunately the side effects of all the medication is often worse than the chemo - meaning it's with you every day.

he is very supportive and appreciates that there is no point in seeing him unless I have had a scan - and so will book me in for one in 6 months time.

It's learning to accept the side effects will be with me for some time.

i had been getting rather a lot of headaches - my husband was convinced it was the wine ! So I have had 8 days of no alcohol - and woken up twice with headaches - I don't think it's the wine !!!!😀😀

i think he just wanted me to drive him.


anyway more rambling from me - sorry 😀😀😀😀

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Hi I am about to go for mammogram 2 years on from mastectomy chemo radiation. I feel for you cos after treatment I felt crap and its only in the last month or so I am feeling better. The menopause has a lot to answer for, feelings of anxiety and dread I never experienced before and it is def hormonal. Rest and be kind to yourself and sometimes just take to your bed with a book saying this too will pass.

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!


Well i saw the kiniselogist last week, i sometime wonder if they ask for your backgroung so that they can come up with a solution. Almost like counselling with a bit of mind games.......maybe just feeling somewhat negative about the experience.

What she did say is that my body has been through a hell of a lot and i need to take my time in the recovery.

This is something we all talk about on these forums but i think there isn't enough actual support out there. It's the days when we feel good and have loads of energy and then they are often followed by complete lethargy. But as so many times has been mentioned, people look at us and see nothing wrong.


I was at work today, secreterial job, with a raging headache all day. I think that was caused by the weekends weather....any how, shall we say the light was on but no one was home. Still managed to get my work done but could have quite happily put my head on my desk, am i fit for work? Some days i am really not sure.


After a i finished work i came home and had a sleep on the sofa for 30 minutes and felt so refereshed.

ok, sorry, enough of my waffling - thank you for listening.




Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Hello 26Bigfoot,  Sorry that you are feeling down and lost your mojo. as the other ladies have said, we look good on the outside, and everyone thinks we are ok and back to normal- whatever that is,  but they have know idea of what is going on inside. It is only in this last few weeks that I think I have finally felt ok about this journey. (about 2.5 years for me)  My BC nurse always used to say listen to your body, and rest if it says it is tired, so I seemed to end up having a sleep most afternoons, thats fine for me as an OAp, but not so easy for those of you working and with families, But all I would add is be kind to yourself, look how far you have come, I also joined an exercise class through macmillan,  it was kind and gentle,  but still good exercise and a great group of people, all with similar problems. 

Take Care, and sending some warm huggles to help you find mojo,



Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Thank you for the supportive messages. I think it's now 3 years on when feeling xxxxxx that I realise what I have / we all are going through.
Your looking normal again, back at work etc and all your friends think your ok.,.... Oh if they only knew.
After my first post I came down with a sick bug! - but I do wonder if it's my body saying I need to stop and rest. Have booked to see a kiniesiologist next month 😄🌺

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Sorry to hear re loss of mojo and I can relate - perhaps its something that catches up with us after a certain point  - after we have pushed ourselves through treatment


I sought a referral to an excercise programme through the McMillan Centre at the hospital and hope by having to be accountable to a person I will get more excercise under my belt and the programme alows you to try out different things


I also try to sit outside more in the sun


Hang in there

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Hi 26 bigfoot, just seen your post and sorry to hear you're going through a bit of a dip. And that's what it is, a dip and nothing deeper. I know we are told to stay strong and positive and I do belive we have to, but it's still so flippin hard. I am on anastrozole and not too bad but there are some probs. You are being tested at the moment and you are getting there. Take deep breaths, look in the mirror and that lovely lady that has being hiding will appear, maybe just a tiny bit she will come out and play. We have to carry on and on those crappy days we have to tell them to clear off!  so, my special lady we are all here for one another, lets jog on!  Keep in touch lol xxxxx

Re: lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

Hi 26Bigfoot


Sorry you haven't had any replies to your post as yet, but hopefully someone will now see it and reply.  I have put for you below the link to BCC's moving forward publication which I hope may help.






Take care,

Jo, Moderator

lost my mojo again - 1 1/2 years in of Zolodex and anastrozole - help!

OK, 2 lots of breast cancer, first treatment all the works, 1 year later another lump found and removed.

Stopped taking tamoxifen and put on monthly zolodex injections and anastrozole.

In the last 6 weeks i have 2 trips to a and e with my racing heart - SVT, last time i had to be shocked. luckily they knocked me out but my poor hubby had to see it all 😞 off to hospital next week for a procedure to fix it!


any way i am feeling exhausted, go to work head throbbing the whole time, not a headache but just a weird sensation. come home and have a nap! and then feel better. the house is always in a state of chaos. i even started writing a list of the jobs that needed doing, as there is satisfaction in crossing it off.


i have lost the motivation to go to the gym and therefore have put on weight which is making me miserable.

Oh and my son is back from university today, very exciting but also anxious for him and us all as the dynamics in the house will change. and then daughter studying for A2's at the moment.


So, what am i asking?

Is this normal - saw my breast surgeon yesterday and was told to 'grin and bear or is it bare?? 🙂 it' !


any top tips in coping greatly received?