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lump in breast and lymph......scared


Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hi I am also waiting for the results of a biopsy on my lump and also have a lump in my armpit. I feel terrified and so upset as I cannot have my own children and was about to start Egg Donation in Spain who have now put my treatment on hold. Really feel for you , hopefully we will both be fine. Sending a big hug to you xxx P.S I also hear my results on Thurs xxx

Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hi Kim, thank you. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with grade 3. I still don't know full diagnoses yet....but I do know I'll have chemo first, then surgery and radio. I'm still in absolute shock. I stopped googling as it was making me worse. I'm so frightened of what will happen and my outcome. I'm finding it hard to be positive. I was dx just over a week ago.... But yet it feels like my world has stopped spinning. I've got to remain hopeful for my children. I want to see them grow up. I can only hope for a miracle now. ...... I'm sorry to hear you were only recently diagnosed too. How are you coping. Do you have a treatment plan yet. I wish you all the very best of luck. There is such support on here, so glad I found the site. Xx

Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Dear Netti


i am so sorry you are going through this. When I read your post about the elephant in room it rang so true.i was diagnosed a month ago and how I hate that I have this very unwelcomed travelling companion now. 


I have been an obsessive googler the main time is at night when I wake up at 2.00 in the morning and reach for the iPad. 


The waiting is the absolute worse thing and when you get your results you can plan and there is more of a sense of calm. 


I hope that you have good news with your results but if not then there is lots of support on here which is such a help. You are not alone in all you have been through so far. 


Big hug 



Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hiya, I'm in a similar situation to you. 2.5 cm hard lump & swollen lymph nodes. ( no lump) Awaiting results of mamm & core biopsies. Dr. Google is not my friend at the moment. Although, I have been trying to figure out next steps as I want this lump out. I've got a 9 mos old & 3.5 year old & have told myself I will be strong for them if I can't for myself. Hoping for the best outcome for you on Thursday!!! Xxx

Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Thank you Moses, for your reply. I am sorry to hear that youve gone through all this too. How is your wife doing now. I hope there is some good news. x

I am going on thurs with my husband....my family are being very supportive, but at the moment during this wait, it seems like there is always an 'elephant in the room'. Its awful. I went to work yesterday which helped, as it took my mind of things for a few hours.

Its like, for a few moments you forget whats happening...back to normality. Then suddenly, its back like a kick in the stomach. ;(



Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hi Netti,

My wife was in your exact situation about 6 weeks ago, I really sympathize. We both suffered terrible stress in that first week while waiting for Thursday to arrive.

If you can take someone with you to these appointments, it helps. You are right about Google, and yet it helps to have knowledge, makes you feel less powerless.

Hope you feel stronger and all the best.


Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Thank you Charys for you replies and words of advice. I see you've only recently been diagnosed too. I hope your ok and in a positive frame of mind. It's such a surreal time. I will have some answers on Thurs and hopefully will know what to do. Thanks again. Xx
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Re: lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hi Netty,


i remember your post the other week, I replied to you then. I am very sorry that it seems like you will be facing a diagnosis of BC. This is a hideous time emotionally and psychologically at the start of the process of finding exactly what type of cancer it is and the treatment you will have. You are right, Google WILL fry your mind......as the trouble is until you have actual biopsy results ( which contain the relevant information to your lump) you will be none the wiser as to your next step. When at your stage I had no understanding of all the different BC variables, what they meant and how they were treated. However, there WILL be a next step/ s and those steps will be treatment! 2 cm is small as these things go, and the point is you have been proactive in getting the necessary tests so far, that is the most important thing at this point. Try not to let your mind jump too far ahead, and break things into smaller sections e.g. The next step is the results of the biopsy and after that there will be another small step, finding out your treatment, then another step in the first treatment....etc. It is such a massive feeling of your 'world being turned upside down' that you are going to feel shakey and every range of human emotions intensified into a few weeks.

We will be here though...those who have been through it a long time ago....and those who are in active treatment now, to listen and support. 


CHarys xx

lump in breast and lymph......scared

Hi...i posted on here last week before my first appt. My concerns were confirmed. Have lump in right breast about 2cm.... Which radiologist said was suspicious due to shape. Ultrasound picked up a lump on lymph node too. Had needle aspirations from both and now waiting for results. Going back on Thursday. Consultant said he has concerns but can't say more than that. I've feel sick to the stomach. Have had good and bad days since and can't get it out my mind. My children have helped this weekend, but they are still my baby's, only 11 & 8... So I've had to put a brave face on things. Google has fried my mind... And I will be avoiding that from now on. Reading other similar stories on here has been so helpful. So sorry for what we are all going through. Xx Am dreading Thurs, but it cant come quick enough.