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Re: lymphodemia

you really are not rambling on! I had same as you on left except reconstruction - as with all the changes we find in our bodies its good to get them checked and most of the time they are not of cancer concern - my GP who is beyond fabulous says we walk the tightrope of health awareness and health anxiousness...too right!

 All the best - oh and if you have a few spare quid and want a treat check out lymphdivas from chic compressions



Re: lymphodemia

Hi there..hey don't worry about rambling on, I do all the time! I'm sorry to hear about your lymphoedema. I have it in my good arm! it is a result of a PICC line that went wrong back in 2008. A month ago it suddenly worsened for no reason I can think of. I too have been wearing my sleeve and doing massage, etc. I had a hard, knotty type lump for a while in that armpit but it wasn't of concern, and could have been hardened lymph nodes.  Mine has softened. I wonder if yours could be an infection?  Maybe it is worth contacting your bcn for a proper examination. You must be anxious wating to hear from your gp too and I hope all will be well for you. You will find plenty of support on here. 


Take care, Liz

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Hello... I was diagonosed sept 2009, had right mastectomy, lymph node removal, chemo, radio. After tram flap reconstruction in April 2011  I developed lymphodemia in my right hand and arm.  I have followed the lymph nurses advice and worn sleeves and generally behaved as I should. Since March this year I have had a niggling shoulder pain, went to see GP and have been for xray still waiting results, however I have noticed tenderness under my right armpit and a large lump, I was just wondering if any of you loverly people have any idea ...... Sorry to ramble on ....