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lymphoedema sleeve


Re: lymphoedema sleeve

Hi Chilik

I've had to experiment with a few sleeves before finding one that feels comfy. I do hate having to wear them as it seems a constant reminder of having had breast cancer! I, too, found the glove uncomfy so was given a different size - slightly larger - which I only wear if my hand gets a bit puffy and I usually find that it goes back to normal in just a couple of hours and I can then remove it. Sadly the arm doesn't respond so well but I made a pest of myself and went back several times and I now have a sleeve with silicone dots at the top which holds up very well and it's also been made a little longer at the outer edge of my arm so is a much better fit. The sleeve is not meant to be uncomfortable so I'd advise to give the lymphodema nurse a call and tell them how you feel. Hope you can get some success  xx


lymphoedema sleeve

Just been given a made to measure sleeve which is thicker than the standard sleeve I was originally given but I find it really digs into the top of my arm is this normal. I can't wear the glove I was given as after an hour my fingers were going blue.