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Re: mammogram

Hi whoohoolulu


Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure you will get lots of good, honest support from the many informed users of this site who will be along soon to help.


Often when you are recalled it's because they need to re-do the mammogram or to do further tests, e.g. untrasound so please don't be unduly worried, but to err on the side of caution you might find it good to take someone with you for moral support, if you haven't got a partner available then perhaps a close friend just so you're not alone - having someone to talk to will help stop you worrying so much.


If you need to talk to someone in person and in confidence then please don't hesitate to call our helpline team here, they're here to support you.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am today through to 5pm (weekdays) and 10-2 Saturdays.


Let us know you you get on, there's loads of support here.


Take care,

Jo, Moderator



hi had a mammogram a few days ago was told i would have to wait about 3 weeks to hear back from them. yesterday i recieved an app to go and see the breast surgeon no indication or reasons why..does this mean thaty they have possibly found something i am really worried.