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multicentric cancer


Re: multicentric cancer

Hi herbi
I had 2 on one side and one on t'other so bilateral too. Read lots, and there's not a lot of agreement out there's on the definition of multifocal and multicentric. One is supposed to mean in the same quadrant and the other in different but its something that needs to be redefined, as you can have 2 quite close but in different quadrants. I can't remember which one is which, think multicentric means further apart??

I have a whole file full as I decided I'd go against the mastectomy recommendation and I wanted to be confident about this. About 85% of any studies on multiple lesions say your prognosis is based on the one with the worst outcome, not the fact that there are more than one, and that's the stance my oncologist took. So fact I had 3, but clear nodes, good margins, smallish (largest was 2.2cm), er+, I don't worry 'too' much about recurrence.

Do send me a PM if you want a summary of the research I collected.



Re: multicentric cancer

Hiya Herbi

Im a multi focal girl but interested in knowing more about the potential added risks of having more than one tumour , but I found this info which might help you a little.
Hope you get the answers to your questions-have you got a BCnurse you could chat to?

Best wishes



multicentric cancer

Hi all, had results of my mx and node clearance today. I have multicentric cancer - two completely independent cancers in the same breast. My surgeon told me that multicentric cancer , as opposed to multi focal , is quite rare. I didn't ask at the time but wonder if this has any implications for recurrence? any one else have this diagnosis?
Herbi x