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my other breast


Re: my other breast

I too have dense breasts and the lump I found in my right breast was not picked up by the mammogram. Because of the problems reading the mammogram and ultrasound I had an MRI scan that picked up all sorts of 'lumps and bumps'- I've had a history of cysts all my adult life. One of them in my left breast turned out to be a tiny grade one tumour so I was so relieved to have had the scan. I have had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and made a great recovery. I hope I haven't added to your anxiety - I just want to put your mind at rest that anything untoward will be picked up by the CT scan. I am so relieved mine was picked up now rather than later down the line. Will be thinking of you x

my other breast

After having been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Jan this year, subsequent bad news about the size of the tumour and spread to the lymph nodes I am now getting anxious about my other breast. When I had my inital tests the doc did a scan of both breasts but on the one without the 'lump' it was very quick and it only took about two/three seconds. Now I have had the news I am fearful that it may be in the other breast too. I can't feel any lumps or bumps and when I mentioned it to the consultant he said 'yes we will need to keep a close eye on it.' I was going to ask for anther scan (and I will pay for it if I need to) however I now have a CT scan this week does anyone know if any abnormalalities in my other breast will be picked up then? I know I am probably being paranoid as at the moment every ache and pain worries me. I had a mammogram in December from which I got the all clear - apprently I have dense breasts and tumours don't always show up.