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need hope


Re: need hope

Evening Joelleck

So sorry to hear about your mum. It must have been such a shock it happened so quick.

I am thinking and praying for you and your family at this incredible difficult time.


Re: need hope

Dear Joelleck

I am so so sorry to hear your brave Mum lost her fight to this awful diesease. I will be thinking of you and praying for you at this incredidbly difficult time. You will have made your Mum proud with your wonderful support.

With love and hugs

Phoebe xxx

Re: need hope



I am so sorry to read that your lovely Mum has passed.  Once the shock and pain of all that you have been through with her has subsided I hope you can take comfort in the wonderful memories you must have of her.



Re: need hope

JolleK, Your mom was lucky to have such a lovely daughter who gave her all for her! You did your best for your mom. I'm sorry that your mom was given such a tough battle.This disease follows no rules. Hills, remember the good times and you will get through. I wish your family peace. FF

Re: need hope

Dear Joellek, I’m very sorry to read about your mum, my thoughts are with you and your family. As Nicky said this is such a cruel disease and has no boundaries. Hopefully, if not now in the future, you will get comfort from knowing you did everything you could to help your mum. Take care of yourself now, she would want you to do that, Katexx

Re: need hope

Dear Joellek
So sorry to hear that your mum passed away ..sometimes the drugs just don't seem to fight this cruel disease ...
You were so kind and supportive and try to remember the good times ..keep hold of the memories and remember all the good times .
Hugs xx
Community Champion

Re: need hope

Dear joellk

I'm so sorry to hear that your Mum passed away on Saturday.  This is a cruel disease which doesn't 'follow the rules' and therefore unfortunately can become too aggressive for the treatments to cope with.  Your Mum will be at peace now but my thoughts and prayers go out to you and the rest of your family.

Nicky xx

Re: need hope

Dear joellek
I am so sorry that you have lost your mum. She was a brave lady. She is at peace but it must be hard now for you  to feel that the chasm in you lives will ever be filled.  But her light will continue to shine for all of you.

love Bon

Re: need hope

my mom lost her battle on saturday night and we lost her....my heart is broken. i really thought we had this and she would live with it....

Re: need hope

carolyn and phoebe,

thank you so much for you hugs and support. they are much appreciated and much needed.

phoebe, i tried to search up my mom's bilirubin and conversions to yours. I think my mom's is higher and she is turning more and more yellow. im hoping yhr xeloda works and we are praying for a miracle. because we all still need her sooo much!

Re: need hope

Hi Joellek

Never give up hope!

I have advanced secondaries in my liver and when diagnosed in April I was told that without treatment i only had a matter of weeks to live. I then had 8 sessions of taxel. When that stopped working I started capecitabene (xeloda) and I am doing well - still here I have a good quality of life. My BR was 118 in April and was 21 when last tested 6 weeks ago ( i think your Mum must be measured on a different scale to me).

Encourage your Mum to stay positive and calm

I have my review tomorrow and hope I'm still on the right track


|Big hugs


Re: need hope

Hello joellek
Good morning ..I was only thinking of you and your mum yesterday ..well let's hope the Xeloda works and helps your poor mom ...there are ladies here that have had good results from it ..there is a very good thread that will give lots of help.
She is very lucky to have such a caring family to support her and we here will all be thinking of you and sending lots of hugs ..
I think if I remember you are in the US and so we will all be holding hands across the pond ..

Hugs xxxx

need hope

i dont know where we last left off my moms had a lot of downs! in sept she had been on erubilin for 3 months and we had scans....scans came bavk work and her liver bilirubin was elevated very elevated around a 7. so she was admitted to the hospital to see if a stent could be put in and it couldnt be. so the doctor had a very serious talk with us that he is going to try steriods, cisplatin, and falsodex to see if it works. if it doesnt it could be a matter of weeks for her. So the first week her liver bilirubin went all the way up to 11.6. but after the second dose of cisplatin it went back down to 3.4, then week by week it dropped hitting 1.3 last. and the. all of a sudden last week it went bk up to 6.3. this was about 6 weeks after starting cisplatin. So dr ordered scans last thursday. we got the results today. cancer is less in lungs, but more in the liver. bilirubin is 10. he is going to try xeloda now, but he is afraid shes dying...

i dont know what to say what to expect. i guess my question is
1) have ur oncologists told u it might be the end but things reversed???
2) im praying xeloda is our miracle medicine
3) any miracle stories? because i sure believe in them.

sorry for the horrific grammar, but im trying to keep it together and keep her strong