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Re: newbie

Hello sandy ..welcome ..I have replied on the bone mets thread ..
Hugs xxx


Hi everyone,


I am new to this forum and would love to hear anything positive about stage IV breast cancer w/ mets to the bones.   I am 49yo and was diagnosed with Stage IV BC right off the bat.  I was totally shocked as I have never ever missed a mammogram since  turning 40.  Hubby and I were completely devastated at first but after multiple conversations with my oncologist and reading other Stage IV BC survivors stories I now realize that it is not an automatic death sentence. I have learned that I can very possibly live a long time with this.   I was diagnosed with ER/PR positive HER 2 negative breast cancer at the end of July.  At that time they thought it was either a Stage II or III as it was detected in my lymphnode in my right Arm pit area.   After all of the other routine tests...CT/Bone Scan/ MRI's Ultra Sounds and a bone marrow biopsy it was determined that the breast cancer at spread to my bones.  Mainly ribs, femur, pelvic area I believe.   I have just started my treatment on 9/13/17.  I am taking Letrozole and Ibrance as well as receiving an Xgeva injection monthly.   It hasn't been quite a week yet but so far I really have not had too many side effects yet.  I assume it is probably too early.  I am noticing an increase in hot flashes but I also had my ovaries and tubes removed on 8/28/17 as well.  Today I am having a little bit of outer thigh pain but that could actually be the bone mets pain itself.   I am learning more and more about this diagnosis and remain very positive.  I am nowhere close to being ready to leave this earth any time soon.   I have a 20 year old daughter and another daughter who is a Senior in High School.  I plan to be around to see them both graduate from College and live successful lives.  We have family vacations in our future and my hubby and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage next year.   I have too much i still want to do.   I am really hoping that this treatment that i am on will work well.  I am also told that if and when this particular treatment stops working that I have so many other options available based on my type of cancer.  Hoping this true.   Anyway I am happy to hear your stories and any advice you may have about possible side effects etc.