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newly diagnosed


Re: newly diagnosed

Hi Rosehip,

I also feel like my world has stopped whilst everyone else's has carried on . I suppose it's natural. After all , we've been given a MASSIVE shock. Breast cancer is scary no matter how brave we may be. It is life changing because our lives have taken a completely new direction. Even with a positive outcome further down the line ( which is something I am trying to focus on) we will have gone through a lot of new experiences.

I was diagnosed in May with Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma and have had a lumpectomy with nipple removal and an axilary node clearance.

At the moment I am waiting for a CT scan before I have Chemo. 

I find that it helps me to focus on a day at a time. So when my imagination starts to run away and I plan what songs I want for my funeral, I try to remind myself that this is a treatable condition these days. Mind you it can also be very irritating when all that family and friends say is that so and so had it 50 years ago and is fine. 

This forum is brilliant for finding out that what we are feeling is normal and for having a rant if needed!



Re: newly diagnosed

Hello Rosehip. Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with BC but rest assured you are in good company. I had my scans early in June, confirmed as early breast cancer on the 13th June and I have already had the lump removed last Thursday and am feeling fine. I'm 42 and was not expecting this at all! I will have to wait another week or 2 to see what the full treatment plan is, either radiotherapy, chemo or both dependant on the type of cancer it is.  I think we all worry that it will be worse than expected, but it does sound like it has been caught early, so try to take some comfort in that if you can.  I hope you have people to support you when you are struggling with this? The ladies on this forum are excellent at providing support. It is so hard to carry on as normal, but breast cancer is very treatable and you will be given the best care if my experience is anything to go by. Take care, Jo. Xx


newly diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed with grade 1 breast cancer i week ago today, I was told if I was going to get breast cancer this is the one to have? Then why am I so devestated? I am 53 next month, felt a lump and went to the doctor, had a mamogram in feb and was clear, consultant ordered a 369 mamogram and nothing showed up, they could only find it with an ultrasound if I kept my finger on it, waiting for an MRI and dreading the results incase its worse than they thought, I just want to curl up in bed all day but am trying to get on with things I dont feel like anything will be normal again, any help on coming to terms with this would so gratefully recieved.

Kind wishes