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niggling pains and waiting for op


Re: niggling pains and waiting for op

wendie - is it your pre-op assessment thingy today - mine is too and they want to take extra views via mamogram - including good side - where I have always had very tender boobs pre menstruallly at the best of times - period started yesterday and the right is sore so dreading more mammo today!! My surgery - lumpectomy and node sampling is a few days before yours - 28th jan - I know what you mean re the waiting - I was diagnosed on wed 7th so surgery was set for 3 wks later - when did you know about yours?? Crossing everything for both of us girl and post later, take care, mary x
ps I rang the helpline just to hear a voice the day after I was diagnosed and just cried - the lovely woman I spoke to was great, x


Re: niggling pains and waiting for op

Hi Wendie

As Anna has kindly suggested you can speak to someone on our helpline on 0808 800 6000, it opens at 9am so call if you feel it will help as they are there to support you and lend a 'listening ear'.

Best wishes


Re: niggling pains and waiting for op

Hi Wendie,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so anxious. it is true that the pain is proably from the biopsy, so I would try not to worry that anything terrible is happening, although i know it is hard.
As far as I am aware,the cancer itself doesn't produce pain, although I'm not sure about the inflammatory types of cancer. Some-one will come on here tonight or tomorrow morning and give their advice. Maybe it would be good to ring the bcc helpline in the morning, and talk to someone about your pain and anxiety. You will find the ladies very sympathetic and helpful, and there's a nurse you can talk to, I think.
Hope all goes well with the op and your follow-up treatment. it's a rough road for awhile, but you will get great support and understanding from the ladies on here, who know exactly how you are feeling! I'm nearly one year along fro my diagnosis now, and starting to feel almost normal again. Just take each stage at a time, is the best advice i can give, and look after yourself as best you can.

Anna xx


niggling pains and waiting for op

I have my post op apt tomorrow and surgery on the 3rd of Feb 09.

The waiting is killing me and it seems so long ago since they first suggested I had breast cancer. Yes I have those pains to in my boob that is due for a mastectomy and full node clearance. Like you no body takes any notice when you tell them about it and just say its from the biopsy.