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pain after nipple reconstruction


Re: pain after nipple reconstruction

I know how you feel, did you have some lipofill as well?. I always find that causes the most pain. My nipple recon, was a bit of a mess too. One side didn't heal so I have a neat scar and a fat one. Have cancelled two appts for tattooing as it would never cover it, so doing without. It also sounds as if it can a bit of a sore procedure too!. I suppose it depends how dark you are on the real boob too, so not really worth it if your surrounding area is a bit pale. My new nipple  was huge to begin with but has also gone very flat, however, it is still better than having nothing there at all and it does make the new boob look more real. I know it is not real but is it worth massaging the area with bio oil, I know that always helps my sore bits!

K M x


Re: pain after nipple reconstruction

Dear Naz


Thanks for you reply and thoughts.  I am not usually so down in the mouth but it has got to me this time.  I was warned that I could get an infection and was assured that the new nipple would flatten but had not reckoned on necrosis and that most of the new nipple will eventually fall off.  I return to see a nurse next week and hopefully when I see the PS in January something may be done.


I find the waiting time so difficult - perhaps this desease is there to make me more tolerant.  Perhaps I am still mourning over my lost breast but I cannot stand looking at my lumpy, bumpy mound.  My sons always remind me that they are so pleased that I am still alive.  For that I guess I should be grateful.  It is good to hear that when all is done it will look better.


Kind regards



Re: pain after nipple reconstruction

Hi Chrisalex


Just wanted to send you some virtual 'hugs' as you sound pretty fed up.


I have not had the same issue with my reconstructed nipple, but over the 2 years since it was done, it  has gone VERY flat, almost like a bump now. However, once you get that tattoo done, it does make all the difference and adds a whole new dimension to the 'breast'. Could your PS make some tweaks to yours when he does the lipomodelling i wonder?


Not sure why you are in pain Chrisalex, but do get checked over, it might be to do with the necrosis, i am not sure..


You are right, the journey is long and tough, there is light at the end of it though (you are speaking to one who has been through the recon journey a bit!).


Take care

Naz xxxx




pain after nipple reconstruction

Hi there ladies.


I feel a little bit silly stating this but after a mastectomy, change of implant, reduction on other breast I am a week since a nipple reconstruction and am experiencing so much pain.  I cannot understand why as I have very little feeling in my breast as nerves were severed after the mastectomy, and yet it hurts so much.  Has anyone out there had a similar reaction to this op?  I saw a nurse at the hospital yesterday and apparently the end of the new nipple now has necrosis and it will eventually fall off.  I feel pretty low at the moment and am wondering if it was worth it.


My new plastic surgeon has said that I cannot have the tattoo until some lipo modelling has been done.  This is such a long road we have to go through - 2 years or more and counting.  I would appreciate any comments from you.  Regards Chris