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pains in mx site?


Re: pains in mx site?

Hi Ali


I am just worried becasue after having the fluid drained, I went back and there was 'nothing', consultant said it was damage caused by radiotherapy - but why can it be worsening, surely it should be lessening as time goes by, and not increasing?


The pain is actually wakening me up through the night.  Think i might phone Anne (BCN) just to see what she thinks.


thanks for your support xx


Re: pains in mx site?

Hi there,


You've got to get it checked out. No way are you wasting anyone's time.


Fingers crossed it's something minor, then you can get it sorted and put your mind at rest.


Sending you hugs.




pains in mx site?

Hi all


I'm not sure if I have posted in the correct bit, but I'm sure admin will let me know.


Diagnosed April 2014 with TNBC, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma - had MX in August 2014 to remove a 7 cm bad boy which had attached to the chest wall! Followed by FEC-T and 15 RADS.


My MX scar is well healed, but about 6 weeks ago, it became very tender, I contacted my BC nurse, who told me to go in to let the consultant check.  I had fluid build up, and he removed 70mls of fluid there and then.


A couple of weeks after that, I started to get pains in MX scar again, was invited back in, no fluid, nothing found.


But , the pain is increasing, and I am getting worried, but dont want to contact them again, incase I am wasting their time, but at the same time, I had a grade 3 invasive tumor, and I am terrified it has come back.  I just dont know what to do.  I havent told anyone about it, I dont want to scare my family and friends, but I am beginning to struggle now.


My scar was numb up until recently - now I can feel when I touch it, can it just be the fact that the numbness has gone?


I cant stop thinking about it.


Gentle hugs to everyone xxxx