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pleurodesis - lung mets


Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Angel,
I'm so sorry to hear your news and was wondering how you are hunny? It'd be lovely to hear from you.
I hope that you've had your pleurodesis and it's worked for you.

Sending you lots of love and a massive hug.
Chris xxxx

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Angel


So sorry that your pleurodesis didn't work.  Apparently they can put in a drain that sticks out so that you can literally turn on the tap and drain fluid of yourself once a day (this is a very simplistic explaination) the respiratory bods talked me through it as a possible next step.  This may be worth asking about.


I only had the left lung drained - they took off 2.25litres.  It has helped to an extent - I can sing nursery rhymes to my granddaughter but going up stairs,slopes and keeping up with other people when out walking is still a challenge and just stupid things like lacing up shoes.  I am seeing the respiratory team on the 14/3/14 to be reassessed.  Not sure I would have it done again - the experience was pretty traumatic - the Local anaesthetic failed part way through.  However I am able to move about and do not need oxygen so definitley better off than you.


Do hold on in there Angel and I hope the slope is slow and gives them time to come up something helpful.  Thinking of you

Love and hugs Jacquixx

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi angelfalls. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your breathing. Do you think it is because of the evorilmus rather than the BC? It is one of the side effects isn't it. I came off the e/e in Dec because it had stopped working but I had just started having breathing problems and I was very wheezy especially at night. My ct scan had shown progression to the liver but my lung Mets were still stable so I put it down to the evorilmus. I am on taxotere now and my breathing is much better. I think this is more to do with not taking the evorilmus than anything else.

Hope this is the same for you and that you improve soon. Take care. X


Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Angelfalls,


sorry to hear you're not to well, but if you need to talk to someone in confidence then please do give our helpline a call, they're here to support you.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000.


Take care,

Jo, Moderator



Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Jacqui, How are you getting on after your pleurodesis? I've just come out of hospital after two weeks. I got taken in because of my increasing breathlessness and ended up having both lung cavities drained. They got 3 1/2 litres out in total, but the pleurodeses they did to try and stop the fluid building up again didn't work, so I'm back home on oxygen and still struggling to breathe... Appt. with my onc on Tues. to see what the plan is, but fear this is the start of the slippery slope. Just hoping it's a long, gentle slope and not a bl**dy cliff! I hope your procedure was successful and that you're now feeling much better.

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets



Thanks for your good wishes Nicky.  Izzy your comments are really encouraging - i am just waiting for the hospital to phone and say I have a bed then I'm off.


cheers jacqui

Community Champion

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Jacqui
Wishing you all the best with the procedure later this week and hope it brings some comfort from your current state, also that it does the job as is did for Izzy63.
Nicky x

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Jaqui I had the pleuradesis carried out 3/12 years ago and I have not had any more fluid build up since. I hope everything goes well. It took me a few weeks to get back to normal. Xx

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Jacqui
I was really disappointed that I didn't manage to get the whole procedure done!
I was on Cape, had a slight increase in the fluid in the lung (seen on X-ray). CT showed abnormal cells in the pleura. Cape was stopped and because of delays and Xmas I was left on nothing and the fluid built up very quickly.
Now on Eribulin.
Hope all goes well this week for you.
Sue x

Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Sue

thank you for getting back - shame you could not have the whole proceedure.  I did have fluid drained off about 3 weeks ago but sadly it has all come back, hence the decision to go for the pleurodesis and get the membranes stuck together.  It is all a bit disheartening but I am hoping that this will provide longerterm relief. 

I was wondering whether there was much discomfort once the talc was in causing the inflammatory response.  I was in quite alot of pain for a couple of days after the pleural tap - I just like to be prepared for these things, I find it easier to cope with.

Hope your treatment is keeping you stable - I am on capecitabine at the moment but I think this may be reviewed once this proceedure is done.

Take care and look after yourself


Re: pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi Jacqui
I had it done or should I say partly done 3 weeks ago. I had 2 litres drained off and my drain came out, there was a little fluid left but I was told it would too dangerous to go back in with so little fluid there.
The procedure was done under GA, I put myself into a relaxed state before I went into the room and I didn't feel a thing and I wouldn't be worried about having it done again.
Because the drain came out I couldn't have the talc put in.
I felt the benefit straight away with no recovery time.

Sue x

pleurodesis - lung mets

Hi - due to go into hospital to have a pleurodesis on 12/2/14 to hopefully prevent fluid build up.  Expecting to have it done under GA using talc.

Has anyone had this done - what to expect?  How long is recoverery?


I am really hoping this will hold back my internal flooding as breathing is definitely getting tricky.


Thanks Jacqui