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possible re-occurence


Re: possible re-occurence

thinking of you queenie, xxx


Re: possible re-occurence

Hi queenie
Do hope biopsy went ok as poss today & that you get results asap as generally agreed waiting for results is an extremely difficult time......
Also definitely recommend calling helpline they really are a help!
Gentle hugs kx


Re: possible re-occurence

Hi Queenie, I am sorry to read that you have this further worry

Our helpliners are here to offer you further support and a listening ear on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays so please do call and share your concerns

Take care


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possible re-occurence

Hi, (38 yr old pettrified Woman)
I am totally scared out of my wits as 20/1/12 i was diagnosed with low grade 1 breast cancer and had RT and Tamoxifen and Zoldadex hormone treatment, i have been nagging my local hospital for 2 months for follow up mammogram as havent had one since nov 2011 and finally had one on wed 9/1, saw oncologist on friday 11/1 for usual check up to be told that he had my results of mammogram told me that in right breast where i had BC there was post op changes with a shadow and on left breast were several small lumps!!! now are sending me for further tests on monday where they will be taking samples for biopsy.Doesnt rain in my household it pours!!!! Quite scared as gut feeling is BC is back forr round 2