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radio 4 play 'goodbye' available till saturdayish


Re: radio 4 play 'goodbye' available till saturdayish

I've emailed bbc to see if they'll make it available for longer/ for download

Re: radio 4 play 'goodbye' available till saturdayish

Bumping this up for those who may be interested but haven't seen it



radio 4 play 'goodbye' available till saturdayish



I think this link is on somewhere else but I couldn't find it. it's a play called goodbye.

It  was really well done. I waited till I felt strong to listen as it deals with 2ndry cancer. Which frightens me.


Availability: 4 days left to listen Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes First broadcast: Saturday 19 October 2013

Lizzie and Jen first met in childhood and have been best friends ever since, sharing everything; their hopes, fears and all the pivotal moments of their lives. Jen has been beside Lizzie to witness her marriage to Matt and the birth of their children Cissy, Maddy, and Billy, while Lizzie has been Jen's shoulder to cry on for as long as she can remember.

When Lizzie is diagnosed with Breast Cancer their worlds are turned upside down. Together the friends negotiate the stages of her treatment and see their friendship tested and redefined in ways they could not have predicted. As a young mother Lizzie struggles to come to terms with the effects of the disease on her family and her body, while Jen finds herself, for the first time, hiding a secret from Lizzie, unable to confide in the friend she desperately wants to support.

And when they learn that Lizzie doesn't have much time left, they struggle to do the hardest thing of all. To say Goodbye.