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raised plasma globulin level

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Re: raised plasma globulin level

Hi Birgit

You don't say what tests other than blood you are having for your bone pain.You need to request a nuclear bone scan as this will show any mets in the bones. I started with a pain in my hip in April 06 and the Dr messed around for 6 months before an x-ray showed a suspicion of mets and the follow up bone scan confirmed it. I had been clear for 12 years so it was a shock. My oncologist has told me that my CA15 -3 levels are normal and this can often be the case. not everyone has raised levels. I had one blast of radiotherapy to kill the cells and because I am past the menopause I have been prescribed Arimidex and Bonefos (which is given to strengthen the bones and prevent raised calcium levels).
Hope that you go on ok but please don't be fobbed off, perhaps your consultant is trying to save money !!!!

best wishes


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raised plasma globulin level

Hi there

I wondered if anyone could give me some info regarding raised plasma globulin levels. I have been having severe bone pains and are being tested for the possibility of secondaries in the bone and all my levels are slightly up. Calcium levels are on the high side of normal, but the plasma globulin level is very high. GP does not seem to be concerned at present, especially as my CA15-3 level is normal, but I am worried and wondered whether any of you could reassure me.

I have just come off Arimidex on the advice of my consultant to see whether my gemeral bone pain is due to the drug or is arthritic in origin.

Thanks for your help.