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repeated swelling-advice please


Re: repeated swelling-advice please

Hi littlemrs

You may already have the BCC lymphoedema publication, here's the link in case there is any further info in there for you, you are also welcome to call our helpliners as they may be able to offer you some ideas:


Helpline 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-2

Best wishes

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Re: repeated swelling-advice please

Apart from overdoing things at work, has anything else changed?
If it has been stable for three years that's great, so why now?
Maybe a mild infection has left you dehydrated? Maybe in the cold weather your extra jumper is causing constriction by being tight under the arms? maybe you've been carrying extra shopping pre-Christmas? Change of diet/medication?
I'm not clear why you changed from glove and sleeve to fingerless gauntlet, but that might be why the fingers are puffed but the arm's under control - what happens if you use just the glove (not the gauntlet) but nothing else on the arm, does that clear the fingers?
Hoping it comes under control again real soon!

repeated swelling-advice please

Hi, I've had mild lympho for about 3 years which is well controlled with a glove and sleeve. Recently my hand became very swollen caused, I think, by overdoing things at work. The swelling went down after a week or so and then a couple of days later my hand began to hurt and had become very swollen again. Back to wearing a finger less gauntlet rather than a glove. The back of my hand is going down but my fingers still look like fat sausages. I can't understand why it swelled up again and the advice of lympho nurse was a bit vague, remove glove if cutting off circulation (it was) and try to vrest arm.

Is that all I can do? I can't take time off work to rest arm but have got help with lifting etc.