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Re: results

Hi LInda,

sorry to read you have such difficult decisions to make. It's probably a good idea to phone the helpline here to talk them over as well. As to the questions about herceptin and fish results - with the usual test that is done (cheaper version IHC) when it comes back as her2+ but with the lower score of 2 the UK Guidelines say that the fish test should be done. This is more accurate and the Macmillan site has a good page describing it very well http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Cancertypes/Breast/Symptomsdiagnosis/HormoneandHER2receptors/HER2andbreastcancer.aspx

It is good that your onc is consulting the Prof at the Marsden. He is thought very highly of and you will be in good hands. I have been under his team for some years now.



Hi all
Not sure if this goes here or in the recurrence section, so have put it in both, maybe the moderator can delete one if the feel it is necassary
I went for the results from the second WLE and still no clear margins, there are cancer cells in the chest muscle. he has given me 3 options to mull over
1. Major surgery to remove chest muscle and probably some ribs, this will involve a cardio-thoracic surgeon, a breast surgon and a plastic surgeon. My problems with this are that I am very high risk, in that I am clinically obese, have had previous DVT, and have a family history of DVT and PE, and also have an active cancer all that make me very high risk. I am seeing the surgeon to discuss further on Friday
2.Further chemo, he is not sure what though but is going to contact Prof Johnston at the Royal Marsden to ask for his advice.
3. Watch and wait to see what happens, that does not seem like an option to me but am prepared to be open minded.
The status of the tumour was ER + and HER2+2, and he is waiting for fish results, I have never heard of that so maybe someone could explain what fish results are and if that means I will need Herceptin
thanks in advance
Linda xxxx