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running on treatment


Re: running on treatment

Hi Runningfree,


I'm 48 and started running at the end of 2014 and stopped for 5 weeks following my WLE & SNB Dec 2015. 
I also cyle and swim and although Oncologist said definitiely NO swimming he was happy for me to carry on with the running and cycling if I was managing it (obvious caveats - don't overdo it, don't do it if you don't feel well etc etc.)    I haven't done more than about 5k throughout my treatment be in weeks 2&3 I was running/cycling a couple of times each week.  I think it helped me through though, like you chemo wasn't a breeze but it was certainly a lot easier than others I have heard from)

When I started on the Herceptin (I've had 4 so far)  Oncologist told me not to push myself too hard so I'm now running 35 min parkruns instead of sub 30.  Got my Echo-Cardiogram tomorrow before my 5th and Oncologist will let me know then if he's happy for me to start training for the Birmingham half marathon in October. 

No tips but happy to chat running, cycling or swimming ('cause I can do that again now yippee).

Sarah x


Re: running on treatment

Hi Runningfree,


So glad to see your post!  I'm way past all of that - dx 2007 - but I ran all the way through treatment.  At the time the information out there was very negative about exercise (even a BCC information DVD had a runner hanging up their trainers for the duration- shameful!)  However, I am sure it helped to keep me sane, and no matter how tired I was I always felt better for a run, even if it was stupidly slow and short.


During herceptin I found I got increasingly tired.  This was so disappointing, as I was building up my fitness after chemo only to see it go downhill again.  No-one had told me of this side effect but when I googled it I found that it's not unusual.  It's the cumulative effect of herceptin that eventually gets to you.  So don't be surprised if 6-8 months into herceptin you start to struggle.  You will get better again afterwards.


Re: running on treatment

Fab go girl
Wish I could run ! 😀

running on treatment


I'm 49, had a mx dec 15 for grade 3 ( HER2 oestrogen +)

Had started running a year or so before all this,to keep up with husband and 3 sons (10,13,15)!

I asked everyone involved in my care about trying to carry on running through treatment. Surgeon not keen as she felt it would keep me too lean and mean for reconstruction, oncologist not really interested and nurses not sure!

Internet research indicates it can be beneficial to mind and body providing you don't overdo it

So I started gentle runs (around 3-5 miles) 4 weeks after surgery, which I carried on through chemo (apart from first 3 or 4 days after each treatment 

Can't say chemo was a breeze but stayed pretty well through it. Now on herceptin, have had 5/18.

My running is sadly slower but I am still managing park runs etc and have entered the Cardiff half marathon in October which I'm hoping to do for BCC. It has so helped keep me sane

So I wondered if anyone has any tips etc or just wants to blog a run!