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secondary bc and bone

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Re: secondary bc and bone

Hi pinklotus

Just had to add a welcome to your post - especially as I can see you posted early morning probably awake from the steroids! I've been away recently so not been posting much but just wanted to say that all of us on the secondaries part of the forum understand exactly how you are feeling. I was dx with bone mets nearly 5 years after my primary so it was a real shock, especially as I'd had no symptoms whatsoever. I had FEC chemo followed by hormone treatment, this was in 2008. After nearly 5 years my mets went to my liver, this was 3 years ago and after a bit of a roller coaster ride I am now doing well with all bone mets stable and liver mets disappearing. I am also on the combination that you are on, although finished the chemo part in Dec 2014. As an abbreviation some of us shorten the Herceptin and Pertuzamab bit to 'H and P'. There is a thread on here called Pertuzamab and you will see there are a few ladies on it, all doing very well, but a bit further on from where you are as we have all finished the chemo part. I will 'bump' the thread up so you can see it more easily and have a read, it may help with coping with what we all know is a massive shock.

There is a very popular thread on here called Bone mets please join in and is used by many ladies even if they don't have bone mets. There is continued support on ere and you will see you're not alone!

Do come back to ask questions, get support or just have a rant! 

Nicky x

ps btw I used to suffer with the steroid downer, so hang in there, it does get better.


secondary bc and bone

Hi my name is terri and I am 33 years old. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7th jan 2011. It did not got to any nymph nodes and I had 8 cycles of fec-t chemo a double mastectomy and 5 weeks of radio.then I had tamoxifen every day for 5 years. this year in april 2016 ijust done my 5 years all clear aswell then i found a lump in my reconstruction i knew what it was went hospital and it was breast cancer again but i had been having back pain i thought it was syaticer but tge cancer has spread to my ribs and spine. The hospital said they can't cure it but can manage it. I'm on cycle 3 of chemo my chemo is due tomorrow they are giving my taxi herceptin and other antibody drugs all ending in mab! I've got 3 children aged 7 9 and 15 i have my long term boyfriend/partner and my mum and dad help out but lately I can't sleep I keep on thinking about time I really don't want to leave my family. I'm not very good on the steriods I'm happy for a day or two then I crash my Inc has tapers them down instead of just stopping the tablets but I can't help feelingdown somedays most days in fine (can't believe how well I do cope and I'm waiting for the snap to happen) my 9year old is also autistic so change for him is hard.l worry for my partner he has lost so much weight and is doing everything I can't help but feel like a burden sometimes. Is anyone out there feeling a little bit like me at the mo? X