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secondary brain mets

Community Champion

Re: secondary brain mets

Hi skelts
I'm sorry to hear of your recent spread to the brain. Although I can't help you with any info about treatments etc I will bump up a couple of threads that you may want to read on this 'Treatments' section and also the 'Living with' section of the secondaries part of the forum. They may help you or you can maybe repost on there as there are ladies going through what you are. The forum is often a bit quieter over the weekend so it may be worth seeing if you have any replies before re posting.
Good luck with your treatment.
Nicky x


Re: secondary brain mets

Hi Skelts


So sorry to hear of your latest diagnosis and I hope that your fellow forum users will be along soon with some much needed support.  To help you along I have put for you below the links to 2 of BCC's publications you might find helpful.  Also, please don't hesitate to call the helpline here, the staff are here to support you both practically and emotionally.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000






Take care,

Jo, Moderator


secondary brain mets

had herceptin for 4 years,all well lung mets stable but last week due to loss of balance sent for MRI scan , this discovered brain mets. can anyone help