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secondary diagnosis


Re: secondary diagnosis

Hi kerry,
I am not surprised you feel angry - this disease is just so sneaky. LIke you say, you can be feeling so well and yet there it is sneaking around inside your body trying to decide which bit to have a go at next. I was first diagnosed in 1990 and suppose I have stopped counting really. My first was in 1990, then back in same breast 5 years later and that was the longest break I was to get before 2ndaries. The 3rd time (6mths later) it went for the skin around the scar. A couple more years and it was my other breast. I think it was then the following year I had a lot of lymph involvement around my chest, collarbone and right up both sides of my neck. In 2002 it spread extensively through my bones - and that was the really sneaky one as I got no warning. Mine were all initially ER/PR neg. As you will know there was no such thing as triple neg bc until her2+/- came along. It is pretty certain mine were all her2+++ and once I was able to go onto herceptin in 2004 things settled down, although pain is now an ever increasing problem.
I think that is quite enough about me! Would you like to tell us more about your history and what drugs you have been working your way through. We have a very interesting thread where all us 'boney' girls share our experiences. If you look down the list of forums it will be the Living with secondary breast cancer bit you need to find and the thread is called "Bone mets - please join in". There are so many posts we could write a book with them 🙂 but I suggest you just dip in for now and probably go to the end and say hi, if you havent already done so. I do hope you will find a lot of support and friendship here. You are very welcome to private message me if you are more comfortable with that.



Re: secondary diagnosis

Dear kerryoc

Welcome to the BCC forum. I am sure you will find a lot of support here from fellow members.

You may be interested in our Live Chat sessions for people with secondary breast cancer which take place on Tuesday evenings from 8.30 to 9.30. Here is some more information:


You might also find our secondary resource pack useful:


I hope this helps

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator


secondary diagnosis

i have just been diagnosed with bone mets and lymph node micro mets and am feeling pretty angry as this is my 5th diagnosis in 20 years. would love to chat with anyone in a similar situation, am in excellent health with no symptoms