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secondary liver mets


Re: secondary liver mets

That is lovely news Wendy! I was diagnosed last April from day 1 with lung and liver mets and it is really heartening to Hear of stories such as yours. Thank you for adding.

Re: secondary liver mets

Hi I am new to the forum but have been living with breast cancer since 2005 ,spread to liver in 2009,I have been on cap and a clinical trial drug lapatinib since may 2011 .so far things are going well,tumour very small can hardly been seen on scan.you get the usual side effects,bit tired,constipation,my worse bit is sore hands and fingers that spilt but a small price to pay for something that seems to be working.I think it's a wonderful chemo that seems to work for a lot of people.Just wanted to wish you good luck with lots of love Wendy.

Re: secondary liver mets

thank you al for taking the time to reply to my posts, they have made me start to feel positive again - so thank you xx

Re: secondary liver mets

Hi, dgardens, so sorry to hear your recent diagnosis, I'm quite similar to you, diagnosed bc 

in march 2011, mastectomy no chemo, only radiotherapy and  plodding along nicely when pain

in back and ribs started in jan 2013. Multiple spine mets, ribs and pelvis went on everolimus

and exemestane combo, but no joy as scan in November revealled liver mets.

Am now on my 

4th cycle of capecitabine, had scan last week awaiting results to see if this works. Caps s/e 

do not appear too bad, worst is like most other ladies feet and hands and nails, really red

 and tingly, no splitting

on feet yet, using Flexitol heel cream and hand cream. I'm on 1800 twice a day for 14 days

then a blissful week off. Most of the s/e with me seem to be progressive even the tiredness

just seem to catch up with you as the 14 days go on. Also get quite bad hot flushes, thought 

that was a thing of the past.


If I have some good news when see onc, they are all worth putting up with as still can do so many

of the things I enjoy.


I hope your treatment works well for you, its amazing we keep taking knocks but somehow 

find the strength to bounce back, I find the waiting for results all the time the most trying,but 

try to do days out with friends to keep mind off of the wait. 


good luck and keep us posted


Lyn x






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Re: secondary liver mets

Like Lucinda and yourself I was dx with bone mets first (in 2008) and then spread to the liver last year. I have been on Capecitabine since Feb of last year and haven't really suffered any bad side effects although I do have a few problems with my hands and feet being very dry and a few splits in them. This seems to be the most common side effect but creams containing urea do help. Also, if this, or any side effect becomes too bad you can ask for a dosage reduction which quite a few of us have had. My mets in my liver have continued to shrink so the chemo has been doing its work! Good luck and I will bump up a (long!) thread about Capecitabine/Xeloda which you may find helpful.
Nicky x
Ps have edited this as forgot to say the Xeloda thread is in the secondary Treatments section


Re: secondary liver mets

hi I was dx with bone mets and spread to lymph nodes in 2009. In December 2012 I was dx with spread to liver. I was on e/e treatment for 6 months which did not work for me sadly and I am now on cycle 11 of capecitabine. My latest scans show that my liver mets are stable and my bone mets are slightly improved.

I have not really had many se's with capecitabine and have found it a fairly easy chemo to tolerate. good luck x


Re: secondary liver mets

Thank you Janet x

Re: secondary liver mets

Hi dgardens


While you are waiting for other members to come along and respond to your question, I wondered if you had seen the factsheet on capecitabine.  I've attached the link hoping it might be helpful:




Very best wishes



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secondary liver mets

Hi, I was diagnosed with liver mets on Tuesday, I am going to start capecitabine on the 11th March and would be grateful to hear how others have found this chemo,


I was originally diagnosed with bc sept 2010  with 4 lymph nodes involved. Bone mets to neck diagnosed May 2012 and then in the spine November 2012.  More mets diagnosed July 2013 to the pelvis and leg and now liver mets diagnosed this tuesday,


many thanks x