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sentinel node biopsy & pre op


Re: sentinel node biopsy & pre op

Hi Helen

I am halfway through chemo for the second time! so can say with some confidence that it is doable and you will get through it. If you suffer any side effects let them know straight away and they will sort you out. It is not nice but you will get through it!!!

Radiotherapy is a doddle compared to chemo just a pain having to go every day I have to have it again at end of chemo I had  it 2 years ago and again as long as you keep moisturising you hopefully will not suffer too badly. Get lots of 99% aloe vera gel in the fridge to put on.

My cancers have both been triple negative so no herceptin or pills for me but I am sure they will keep a good eye on your heart throughout. I have heard that it is now available by injection? so that may be available to you??


YOU will get through this!!!


Best wishes


Re: sentinel node biopsy & pre op

Thank you for your reassurance. i feel a lot bettee knowing its not too bad. after my scar has healed i start chemo to try shrink the evil lump before lumpectomy & 5wks of radiotherapy everyday. dreading if im burnt as 25 seems a lot! Hormone treatment for 5yrs & 1yr of herceptin as im her2 +, although with my chest problems im scared of herceptin after reading the heart failure reports!x

Re: sentinel node biopsy & pre op


Pre op is nothing to worry about. They weigh and measure you, do blood test (maybe depends on whether you have had one at breast clinic) They do MSRA test wich is just a swab from your nose and groin, blood pressure also done and thats about it. You have to fill in a form re any medicens you take any allergies you have. Really nothing to worry about.

SNB again I was up and doing everything I had before a couple of days later. You will have a small (11/2 inch) cut in your armpit. I had no pain after and was back in work the following week (Had it done on a Wednesday)

As for spread I think everyone has aches and pains somewhere after first being diagnosed. If they think you need tests then they will do them. Wait and see reults from SNB before you start panicking too much (Easy to say I know!!)

The only thing I had and still have is a blue boob!!!

Good luck for your treatment

Re: sentinel node biopsy & pre op

Hi Helen

I am sure your fellow users will talk to you about their experiences and in addition, you may find the following information from BCC about undergoing surgery helpful :


Our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays so please feel free to call

Take care
Lucy BCC

sentinel node biopsy & pre op

Hi i have my pre op wednesday, any ideas what happens at this?

I then have the snl biopsy tues 29th. ive never had an operation before & i am so frightened as to what will hapoen & how i will feel afterwards. id promised my son before bc to take him to a firework display on sat 2nd!

I am having terrible pains in lungs & shallow breathing. when i talk a v short sentence without a breath inbetween i go lightheaded. ive had short breath & slight pain in chest for a while & a yr ago got sent for an xray which was clear but at the moment its really bad. im so worried it has spread to my lungs. i explained this to my consultant & asked at what point would i know if spread, all i got as a reply was if youve had these symptoms a while & it was in your lungs youd be very poorly by now???!!! Didnt really answer my questions!

Scared x