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side effects


Re: side effects

Hi sunflower65, ive had tightness in my chest for the last week, ive had 12 cycles so far but the tightness has only started over the last week, im due my muga scan on tuesday so am going to mention it.I am also on heart tablets as after my 5th herceptin my scan showed that my heart had dropped below 50%, so just hope they dont stop it again.As for the wearyness i am not on Tamoxafen, but i am so tired/and exhausted all the time and have no energy even putting on my underwear is a struggle, i really struggle at work it can just come over me that i suddenly want to sleep i have to force my eyes to stay open,my GP says its fatigue due to the immune system canstantly fighting whats getting put in our bodies all the time. julie


side effects


I had dose No 11 last week and was just wondering if anyone else gets a slight tightness of the chest, sometimes my partner says I sound out of breath. I can run upstairs and still breath normally afterwards. I feel ok apart from feeling abit weary sometimes but I put that down to lack of sleep from Tamoxfin hot flushes.

Would love to know that im not alone on this one

hope everyones keeping fine

Sally xx