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spleen question - any answers please?

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Re: spleen question - any answers please?

Thanks for that Rev cat.
Good idea about the temperature taking - will start.
Its my 59th birthday today - the house is full of flowers and cards and yet I feel odd and unhappy.
I want so much to be positive for my family and so far haven't shed a tear - sometimes I think it would be good to have a howl.
Its prob because its a day i should enjoy.
Things aren't helped by the rotton cold/ sore throat I've managed to pick up !
Actually thinking about it it's prob a good idea to get a few ani- bodies going before treament.
Thanks for your good wishes- and for anyone else out there having a bad day remember 'all things will pass' and we WILL return to hope.


Re: spleen question - any answers please?

BUMPing up the list!

Really sorry I can't help with you spleen question, but surely you can't be alone? I am sure your team will keep a good eye on you as you are already 'immuno-compromised' as a result. The only thing I can suggest is keep a check on your temp (I did mine morning and evening) starting before chemo begins so you know what is normal for you. I also kept a daily symptom diary noting down anything from my temperature to the zits that appeared on my face to dry skin to feeling really well. Knowing how our bodies react makes it easier to spot changes that might indicate something iffy.

Not sure about an optimum time to start chemo as I had mine pre-surgery, but usually it seems to be about 4-6 weeks after surgery, depending on how quickly healing happens. A week or two either way is not going make any difference to outcome, and they will be balancing your risks and benefits to give you the best they can.

Hopefully someone will be along with a useful answer soon.

Take care.

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spleen question - any answers please?

Evening all - hope you're doing OK and remaining postitive.

I have a couple of questions -which i originally posted in the wrong place. So trying again.
Dx 2010 IDC grade 2 1.6cm er+ WLE plus axillary clearance no chemo -rads
new primary Dx feb 2012 (otherside) IDC 1.5 grade 3 again full axillary clearance 3/18 nodes positive. ER+ (4/8) HER2 +
Just waiting for another small op to achieve clearance of tumor sight, ( same as last time 2 years ago!) chemo + herceptin then RADs again.
Feel as if this disease is out to get me!
Anyway my question is - any of you ladies out without a spleen and had chemo ? I suppose it's a bit rare so not surprised I'm not getting any reassurance!!
Probably won't be starting chemo for a while. I'm also a bit worried about the delay considering I'm Her2+ this time . Is there an optimum time for treatment after surgery?
WLE was 21st march- clearance op 27th April - 5 weeks and then waiting for appt. with oncologist. Anyway I'll stop moaning and go and watch some *****on telly to take my mind off things.
Best wishes to all. Helen