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support and wisdom from people who've been there.


Re: support and wisdom from people who've been there.

It is immensingly re-assuring to find people who have been through it.  I talked to a friend of a friend the other day, somehow just knowing that she had been through it and out the other side made a real difference.  I knew her, but had totally forgotten she had had it.  Hopefully that is where I will be at some point in the future.

support and wisdom from people who've been there.

I'm finding that my best support is coming from my older friends 60+. When I was diagnosed it took 2 weeks to tell anyone and I told a lady who I knew had been through it 20 years ago. I was sitting with a group of older ladies and the conversation went like this..".Mine was 12 years ago/ 7yrs/ 20yrs Mine was mastectomy, mine was lumpectomy, I had reconstruction, I had new swimming costume." Of the 12 or so people there about 8 had already been there to different degrees. They understood completely, they had empathy not just sympathy. I found that when I told women of my age and younger they expressed shock, dismay and 'poor you' comments. All these people continue to be there for me but my older friends and their practical support and wisdom have been by far my best support.