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Re: surgery

Hi Maggi

Are you having your lymph nodes removed as well? I had all of mine removed (only had treatment on one side)and that is still stiff a year after the event.

As for recovery straight after, they will get you up and moving as soon as possible. I was given a bag for the drains which helped. The best advice I can give - DO ALL THE EXERCISES THEY GIVE YOU - it will really help in the long run.

I'm told that mastectomys are less painful than reconstruction. (but as I haven't tried both I don't really know)

all the best - wizzbaby


Re: surgery

hi Maggi

sorry you are having this op and best wishes for Friday. i only had one side "done", which I understand takes about 90 mins so in your case, if there is only one surgeon I imagine they may work on each side seperately. If it helps the operation length is academic- you will be asleep. I am told recovery is quite quick for most of us and it matters more if you have a reaction to the anaesthia and whether there is axillary clearance. I had mx and immediate recon via ld and was able to get up and about as normal next morning. Was not allowed to shower due to drains (2 front, 1 in back) so washed via baby wipes.Did arm exercises and physically, apart from wound issues, healed physically quite quickly. Emotionally? found that can take longer.

all best wishes

Jane x



am due for double masectomy on friday how long is surgery? and how due feel after?...is it hard to function..ie..washing yourself and general hygiene issues?