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swelling on side of chest


Re: swelling on side of chest

Hi Wizzywoo!
I had my mastectomy and SNB on 20th Feb and since the drains were removed on Tuesday fluid has been increasing under the dressing and under my armpit, it feels like a water bed swooshing around! It is uncomfortable and is hampering sleep but my BC nurse told me not to worry as it can be drained when I go for my results on Tuesday, meanwhile I keep wondering how big it can possibly get as like you it feels like it is pulling on the stitches but that may be just in my head! From what I've been told it may take a few visits to drain completely but as everyone's different I suppose it varies from person to person. Good luck with it, I'm sure your BC nurse will be able to sort you out tomorrow. xx


Re: swelling on side of chest

Hi Wizzywoo
Unfortunately it is very common to develop this swelling (seroma) following the removal of your drains after surgery.
You may need to have this drained a few times (I had mine done 5 times - once a week) but it is worth doing as it makes you feel more comfortable.
It shouldn't hurt as the area will be still nice and numb!

You'll find eventually that the swelling starts to reduce between drains and then will stop altogether - it is a nuisance but try not to worry as it is normal and very common.

Hope this helps to reassure you and good luck


Re: swelling on side of chest

Hi Wizzywoo and welcome to the forums,

Whilst you await replies you may find this general information useful to read about possible effects including swelling (seroma) following breast surgery, just follow this link:


Best wishes


swelling on side of chest

I have had a lump removed and also lympth glands this was done on 16th Febuary, they put a drain on after the operation and that was removed after one and a half days then I was discharged from hostpital, the next day a swelling started under arm on chest cage in the area they had removed the drain, I called my hostpital and they made appointment for me to go over to see them, the doctor decided to drain it which was more comfey for a little while although I did have a throbing sensation that night in bed, on awakening next morning the swelling was back, I have not yet called them as it seems a waste of time if its going to come up again over night, but this time im sure its got bigger as its pulling on my stitches, does any one know if this is somthing that ha to be put up with after surgery on breast and lympth or should I sort help again!