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swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT


Re: swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT

Hi kander
I am sorry you have this new worry, along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk things through, our team are here with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

Take care
Lucy BCC

Re: swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT

Thank you for the replies, 


You are so right, The waiting is the worst bit, worse still is having an idea what it is could be but with no information to be going on with, I'm not a fan of the unknowns, I'm quite a thought organised person, i need all the facts, all the outcomes and a path to follow, I feel like I've been left in a deep pit and th rope to get me out has been cut, just in view but too high to reach.


Thanks again for your words, 




Re: swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT

Hi Kate. Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that you are worrying, the waiting game is so difficult.
I had my primary diagnosis on 2009 and then spread to my lymph nodes confirmed in January this year. I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and in my chest wall. Like you I was worried and uncertain as to what this meant, CT scan showed no spread to my major organs. I had a course of chemotherapy ( Gem Taxol) which I completed in June. The nodes in my neck melted away and CT scan at end of treatment was clear. I'm continuing on maintenance herceptin and will have 3 monthly follow ups with my oncologist. I'm not sure I can offer words of wisdom, but I can empathise with you and I can say that my experience does not sound disimilar to yours and although it was a big shock, treatments, if needed, can be very effective.. I'm very well , feel great and am getting on with my life as before.
I hope that you soon have all of the facts and a treatment plan if its needed. I do understand that it's terrifying but there are lots of treatments available.
Take care of yourself and do come back to me of you want to ask any questions.
Love Steph xxxx

Re: swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT

Hi Kate


I have no experience of this but didn't want to pass by without saying something. I hope some one comes along soon with some info for you.


Wishing you the best.




swollen lymph nodes under my sternum picked up on CT

Hi all.


I was originally diagnosed in oct 2013, I had a mastectomy, axillary clearance, FEC-T, herceptin, radiotherapy and Tamoxifen. Since i finished chemo in April, i've had discomfort in my ribs, My onc sent me for a bone scan which was clear but because the issue was still there she decided to send me for a CT scan. 

On Thursday my husband rang me whilst i was out shopping with my 3 young girls, He said that my Oncologist had requested an urgent appointment for me the next day. I didn't sleep a wink that night, I kept having arguements with myself for being silly, I told myself I was worrying over nothing, in my mind I'd done all they asked of me and treatment should have worked so really I should be in the clear.


Anyway, I went along yesterday (Friday) to see her and got the shock of a life time, My ribs had shown nothing out of the ordinary but there are several lymph nodes under my sternum that are "presenting with a fullness". I'm being sent for a PET scan as it's a high probability of there being cancer, If it shows that there is then I have to be sent to a cardiovascular surgeon to discuss biopsies/removal of them.


I'm terrified because again we're left waiting, it's a big unknown and I can't find any information on it online. I don't know what it will mean for me if there is cancer there again, It's scary to consider that all the chemo I had adn the herceptin that I'm still having haven't worked.


Has anyone else experienced this, I would appreciate any words of wisdom please.


Thank you in advance